Industrial wind turbines don’t solve any problems

by Antony John, Host of Manic Organic, Food Network
Stratford Beacon Herald

My name is Antony John. I am an organic farmer of 20 years in Sebringville, soon to be an organic farmer living too close to 490-foot industrial wind turbines.  At first glance it may seem odd that one of the most committed environmentalists in Perth County should come out against industrial wind turbines (IWTs). After considerable personal research, including the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) alternative energy summit held this June at the Perimeter Institute, I have come to the conclusion that IWTs will never provide the green energy they promise, and there will be considerable damage to wildlife, agricultural land, community spirit, land values and, perhaps most importantly, human health.

10 thoughts on “Industrial wind turbines don’t solve any problems

  1. Right on, John!. Very well put. That is the way a lot of us rural people are feeling and I can’t understand why we have a government who won’t listen. McGuinty doesn’t believe in a government….by the people….for the people. Let’s hope he becomes a distant memory after October 6th.

  2. Thank you for adding your voice Antony! They are too big, too close and too inefficient to be a serious player in the energy mix on an industrial scale.

  3. Dalton McGuinty is aligning himself with David Suzuki. He was once respected, now viewed as a sell out. Our Province is not for sale.

  4. Our Province is not for sale.

    Apparently our province is for sale… to those who would extract the most money…

  5. Kudos and greetings to someone who has done much research, investigation and (perhaps) soul-searching!

    With regards to the title from his Letter to the Editor; “IWT’s Solve One Problem While Creating Others;” just wondering which “one problem,” exactly, do IWT’s solve?

    • The title was inserted by the editorial staff. My personal opinion is that turbines don’t solve any problems, merely compound them. Also, I am hoping the newspaper prints my full article, which provides support for my argument.

      • Thanks Antony…the Editor’s choice of title (as it appears in their paper) indicates the media bias we’re up against !

  6. Without the ridiculous FIT’s being paid these IWT’s would be dead in the water

  7. It seems Antony has grasped what IWTs don’t produce and how the inefficiencies they create for the grid is masked so not easy to figure out we are far better off not having them. To understand the IWTs inability to provide beneficial energy to the grid can only come from putting the effort into research. When that is done properly one can only come to the conclusion that even if the perfect site was found where no one was harmed and no wildlife life loss, IWTs are still a waste of money. Interested in seeing the rest of his article posted at this site.

  8. The sad part is, most landowners who signed a lease will receive between $10,000-$14,000 per year/ turbine. I should know as we were approached 3 or 4 times by 3 or 4 different people to also sign up. Of course the answer was always NO! The $10,000-$14,000 is before taxes, so after taxes? About $7, 500-$11,000 or so. How do you like that neighbours of landowners who are hosting these behemoths? Of course there are some guys who have 6, 7, 8 leases. Do the math.

    The landowners are NOT the ones making the $$$. They are part of the prob., but it is the turbine companies who are laughing allllll the way to the bank. Landowners were played against each other by the folks who went around signing up people. What the landowners should have done in the beginning is unite and negotiate as ONE BIG group. I am NOT advocating IWT’s, but the guys who signed up were sooo greedy and soooo scared that they would “be left out”, and OMG my neighbour has signed up – that I better sign up too. They signed up for chump change. AND WE ALL suffer collectively because of it.

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