Final IPC West Lincoln open house to take place in September

by Amanda Street, Niagara This Week

When IPC Energy first announced it was going to erect five industrial wind turbines in West Lincoln, it sent shock waves through the community. Then Niagara Region Wind Corp. announced it would erect roughly 80 of them, and focus turned to the larger project. With attention focused elsewhere, IPC, which is developing the project on behalf of Vineland Power Generation to produce nine megawatts of clean energy, has been able to quietly forge ahead with its planning. Read article here

5 thoughts on “Final IPC West Lincoln open house to take place in September

  1. John Andrews ……IPC, Is this the same dog and pony show you had at the last meeting in Smithville where the town laughed your speakers down since they could see through the rhetoric. Well trying to rush through before the October vote seems to be in vouge for the wind industry in Ontario but us law abiding citizens will be there again!! I am sure you will have the Niagara Regional Police there again. You truly are a dolt. Next time you are having a drink with your buddy Dalton…..ask him about the slogan “keep Ontatio Beautiful” .

  2. One of my favourite westerns was called ” Hang em High ”
    The days when right was right and a man had the right to protect his homestead

  3. $100 cheque will be in the mail on Monday. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do:).

  4. This wind industry began setting sights on Canada in 1998…
    They needed things opened up so they used NAFTA , in the meantime they needed public acceptance…and embracing of this business….in comes TV shows ..and Environmental groups being fed dollars. And they needed political foothold.
    There was even a new language invented .with this language they double speak around what the entire agenda is really about.
    They taught children the benefits of ” green” , that not being green was bad…and that all that really mattered was saving the planet , and the polar bear……
    They are far more advanced than the old wild west days…….. they are so good at it that we even argue using their own spin., green , peak this peak that , sustainable development are all invented by this industry. We don’t prove them wrong regarding conservation ..we talk about it …..
    It has been very good campaign by this industry……….genius really. You have to admire the planning.
    And it never never stops

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