McGuinty government’s wind plan flawed

Sarnia Observer

Sir: After much research it has become apparent to me that the McGuinty government’s energy policy and their Green Energy Act have serious flaws with respect to industrial wind farms.  Thus, it is not surprising to see Brad Duguid play the political game and try to deflect attention away from this real issue by sensationalizing ‘green’ job creation and attempting to ‘sugar coat’ the Samsung deal.

His statements about Ontario being a world leader in green energy and closing coal-fired generating stations are empty rhetoric and simply untrue. Industrial wind farms are experiencing negative criticism everywhere in the world as well as here in Ontario.  Allocating resources to energy policies (such as conservation) that have a much better chance of attaining real benefits, will provide more sustainable jobs over a broader spectrum at significantly lower cost to the ratepayers of Ontario.

Roy Merkley, Grand Bend