Wind farms could impact Grimsby airport, says manager

by Scott Rosts, Niagara This Week

Concerns about flight safety and the impact wind turbines could have on operations of planes falls much closer to home than Hamilton.
The Grimsby Airpark, located on Mud Street on the Grimsby-West Lincoln border has also been vocal with two wind turbine projects on the horizon for west Niagara communities – particularly West Lincoln.

Ralph Meyer, manager of the airpark, said nearly all of the concerns raised by NAV Canada, the country’s civil air navigation service, regarding the impact on radar at Hamilton airport are also relevant to the small unmanned airport, which has been in operation since 1978. Read article

1 thought on “Wind farms could impact Grimsby airport, says manager

  1. I’ve sat in on some of those ‘intelligent’ meetings in Markham……….
    aaaah! haaaa!- really creepy!

    Big Thanks! to a man who had the guts –
    to call out the insanity surrounding the green cabals
    plan to save the planet – and fill their pockets – doing it.
    1. Greenbelt Cabal
    2. – Agenda 21 – Smart Growth – Sustainable Development
    3. Whitebelt – nasty!

    This article should be tucked under your arm – as you visit your councils.
    Good Luck!
    And most importantly – God Bless!

    Markham resident Jon Van Loon is a professor emeritus of earth sciences, chemistry and the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto.–environmental-sustainability-is-popular-myth

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