Dalton is playing games

6 thoughts on “Dalton is playing games

  1. Remember this?
    clue word: kill
    A very important message from Minister Duguid:

    “How many people do wind turbines kill? I’d suggest zero,” said Minister Duguid.

    Message to NIMBY’s, from Mr. McGuinty:
    “Our chief medical officer of health for Ontario tells us that wind turbines and solar panels do not compromise our health,” he says. http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/mcguinty-met-by-protestors-at-wind-turbine-plant-in-tillsonburg/

    It’s simple…………
    Vote Conservative!
    Oct. 6 – election day!
    God Bless!

    • Oh – I almost forget!
      Message to Ontario Power Authority (OPA):
      Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ruffffffffffffffff! Rufffffffffffff!

  2. I bet Dalton is a secret NIMBY — just like this guy…

    And you’ll do all this on your beautiful 68,000-acre ranch?
    I’m not going to have the windmills on my ranch. They’re ugly. The hub of each turbine is up 280 feet, and then you have a 120-foot radius on the blade. It’s the size of a 40-story building.

    Who said that?

    “T. Boone Pickens’s office is a shrine to a life of Texas power and wealth: framed Western landscapes, a portrait of his platinum-haired wife, photos signed by Republican presidents, magazine covers featuring the impish billionaire during his corporate-raider days with headlines such as “Boone Pickens: Hero or Heel?””

    Why, T. Boone Pickens, that’s who!

    Does Dalton McGuinty think that Wind Turbines are ugly? Is that why his cottage area is protected? Is that why Ontario Progressive Conservative ridings receive approvals the fastest and with the most certainty?

    I hope that Tim Hudak does NOT shut down the wind industry — not until every Liberal ex-Minister has a wind farm around their houses, their cottages and their most cherished landscapes. Or we could just strap them to turbine blades — Trebuchet like and give them a boost into the next province.

  3. serious harm to human health = KILL the pesky human maggots

    • Johana,
      yes, I think you may have concluded correctly.
      Human well being means absolutely nothing to the Liberals.

      Serious questions have already been raised –
      concerning 2 gas plants (King Township and Mississauga) being ‘fast tracked’ – without traditional usage
      of the environmental assessment (EA).
      And the precautionary principle – as we know it – totally ignored.

      So yes – all efforts of objection have fallen on deaf ears – to push a political green agenda – that – in my opinion
      could cause death.

      All evidence is documented.

      The McGuinty Liberals – along with a slew of others – could, at the very least be accused of ‘willful blindness’ –
      and, it would be sad day –
      if a citizen died –
      in the event of a catastrophic accident.

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