McGuinty lacks support for electricity policy, memo suggests

By Robert Benzie, Toronto Star

Liberal polling shows only 40 per cent of Ontarians believe the government is on the “right track” when it comes to electricity policy, according to an internal campaign memo obtained by the StarRead article

4 thoughts on “McGuinty lacks support for electricity policy, memo suggests

  1. McGuinty lacks support for electricity policy, memo suggests.

    Fantastic News! –
    – it’s safe to assume the McGuinty Liberal Party has been down graded to –

  2. Guy’s polling methodology or sampling size unknown,
    but claim is that 48% of Ontarians hold positive view
    of McGuinty.

    I believe poll was conducted at McGuinty family
    barbecue this past weekend.

  3. B.S.
    If one were to beleive there is any truth to these alleged poll results, one would have to beleive that close to 1/2 Ontario voters, are brain dead idiots.
    A good many are in fact extemely naive, but there can`t possibly be that many total idiots.
    It`s simply not true. More Liberal Lies. They never end!
    Figures it`s in the TO.Star,The Official Liberal Newsletter! That rag should be banned during election campaigns, if we`re ever to get a good honest provincial government.

  4. When their policy is based on stupid ideas it is difficult to fall in love with their ability to think…
    Electric cars plugged into the grid could make owners a bundle
    Aside from the premium pricing, electric vehicles look great on paper.

    They are quiet, require much less maintenance than their gasoline-powered counterparts, cost little to operate, help reduce dependence on foreign oil, save the planet and smell like cookies. Okay, I made up that last bit.

    Nevertheless, there may soon be yet another attractive incentive to purchase an EV: the advancement of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems, where an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid can actually communicate with the local power grid and help balance electricity loads by, get this, selling its spare electricity.

    Yeah sure…. How many would it take to make a difference to a Toronto Brownout? Any thoughts?

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