A Summary of new evidence: Adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines

Summary of New Evidence on Adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines – August 2011 by Carmen M.E. Krogh, BScPharm and Brett S. Horner, BA, CMA

Excerpt (pg 6):  Ontario MOE documents obtained from a Freedom of Information request support a 32 dBA sound limit for IWTs. Based on real world field investigations MOE field officers advised the Ministry about IWT adverse effects and stated “… the setback distances should be calculated using a sound level limit of 30 to 32 dBA at the receptor, instead of the 40 dBA sound level limit.”36

2 thoughts on “A Summary of new evidence: Adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines

  1. I woke up this morning, I’d thought I had read the newspapers

    – Judge visits abandon homes, orders class action lawsuit to proceed
    -Charges brought against Premier of Ontario while in office over GEA
    – McGuinty’s fraud trial continues into 2 week Superior Court
    – Local residents groups file class action lawsuit against Dalton McGuinty
    – McGuinty stripped of Premier duties while investigation continues over OPA
    – Several Counties file unprecedented charges against Premier over Green Energy Act
    – McGuinty loses all faith from Ontarians as charges brought against him and his polices
    – Disgraced Premier resigns

  2. A BIG thank you to Ms. Krogh and Mr. Horner for putting together such a comprehensive document. Your hard work is much appreciated. The document is 16 pages long, but the section I took note of is the part where it explains that set back distances for IWT’s should be based on a sound level limit of 30 to 32 dBA at the receptor instead of the current acceptable 40 dBA. This information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request for Ministry of the Environment documents.

    So how much longer will this charade go on? How much longer can McGuinty, Duguid, Mitchell and Wilkinson maintain that IWT’s as they are presently able to be built will not harm human health? How can any of them look themselves in the mirror each morning as they get ready for another day, without a shred of guilt that they have been misinforming the good people of Ontario? They disgust me. Come on Liberals – fess up that you have been wrong. Correct the wrong before thousands more are built. Conduct a comprehensive epidemiological study. Fix the IWT developments which are already up and running. And yes, this might mean shutting a number of turbines down indefinitely!

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