The “hum” is real – Residents deserve answers

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Excerpt:  Some firmly believe the influx of wind turbines is to blame, and while a company spokesman has refuted that possibility, it’s worth further investigation. Those turbines are relatively new to Essex County. Did their arrival coincide with the vibrations, or is it just a coincidence?    MoE didn’t deal with that issue when it suspended its investigation in May. “Our priority was to determine if an industrial source was causing the vibrations,” said Teri Gilbert, issues project co-ordinator at the ministry’s local office. “It doesn’t seem the source is an industrial one.” Read article

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  1. I’d say the likelihood that it is wind turbines causing it is about 99.9% bang on. Vibration is being reported all over the place whereever there are wind turbines. This is not rocket science. the MOE shut the file because they know exactly what it is but they cannot reveal it thanks to our dear Dalton and Min of Environment John Wilkinsons stranglehold on everyone invloved. These maniacs are suppessing information like crazy!
    PS The wind turbines are considered industrial intsallations so why would that be an excuse to shut the investigation down?
    These guys lie, and they lie and then they lie some more……………

    • Has this situation been noticed across the Detroit River in Michigan? Vibrations just don’t all go in one direction. No turbines in that area of Michigan. Try asking the news media if there have been any complaints on the US side or town officials in local towns along the US side.

  2. That’s right Snowball; I’ve heard vibrations from the turbines at a 20 km distance. I could tell it was from the turbines because of the cyclic nature of the noise; a rhythm that gets ingrained in your whole being.

  3. We shall see what the spin is…’s an energy goldmine for developers and those part of the FIt program.
    They are not about to let a few people’s health concerns get in the way…..but we all know that.
    1% of the population will get very rich while we go into energy poverty and they wonder why the world is having difficulties.
    Soon air will be traded as a commodity with carbon exchanges…….like the one in Montreal
    They are “Evil”

  4. A simple epidemiology study turning-off randomly selected wind farms at night…together with phoning residents and asking a handful of questions would answer this. Simple and cheap. No special instruments required.

    MOE is either run by a bunch of incompetent boobs… or they have been told not to look for the answer.

    • McGuinty Liberals cut back funding – re: MOE
      – Boobs! But – no Balls!
      – sent money to green lobby – non profit – NGO’s
      Instructions from Lib’s:
      Think Globally! Act Locally!

      Memo from Green Lob:
      Choir practice @ 8pm – ‘all together now’ [repeat chorus 3X]

    • Oh – you haven’t heard?
      Talk on the street – he works from home now.
      Waits for complaints from NIMBY’s

  5. Does anyone know what the bedrock is like in the Windsor area? If turbines are anchored to it there’s no telling how far and in what direction the sound waves will go. On occasions I have heard Wolfe’s turbines rumble from 14km. Both the turbines and my house are built right on top of the limestone.

  6. Wayne ,all limestone and close to the surface . All these models used are based on one IWT. Im not a physisist but in grade 10 we learnt about resonant frequencies and additive waveforms. this is probably not even a thought when the blinders are on. should all these computer models consider this I would bet results would be different. Oh and by the way why do sunamies travel so far? Oh because low frequency waveforms travel a far distance as opposed to higher frequency. I wish a reputable physisist could try creating there own computer models using these FACTS!!!

    • also ERCA (Essex Regional Conservation Authority) may have geological maps on there website with depths of the limestone

  7. Wind Hater / Wayne:

    I will be gone for a few days to see people in Ottawa. When I get back I will look at whether we can put together some simple instrumentation to look at this. Most of it is working now. As far as I can determine quickly — it should work in the current configuration. Since it can detect earthquakes in Japan — why not?

    There is a commercial company in the KW area that could definitely track this down — but they do a lot of government consulting and may not want to touch it.

    But yes this is trackable. If the noise it is transmitting through the earth/bedrock it is almost certainly a P-Wave (compression wave) … (as opposed to a S-Wave or surface wave which moves the ground up and down and hence dissipates quickly…

    Can someone provide exact locations where the noises are being heard?

    If there is serious interest I will look at it.

  8. If people are serious about tracking this down — someone in the neighborhood who is hearing the rumbles should learn to use this page and eliminate earth tremors / earthquakes.

    There are two lists M2.5 to 4.5 and M5+ — see links on middle right.

    They need to record time, date intensity and location — then they need to compare to the lists of earthquakes and look for correlation. If it’s not on the list it may be a local minor trembler — or something else.

  9. i work with someone who has had the noise. I will try to get some better info from him he is also an ex liberal so the info i believe will be honest do i reply to this link in the future??

  10. Seismic noise blow for Cumbrian windfarm plans
    “Planning officers say vibrations or seismic noise from the turbines might hinder scientists at Eskdalemuir, 25 miles away, from monitoring nuclear tests around the world. That would prevent the UK from meeting its obligations under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.”
    “The Ministry of Defence (MoD) says its equipment at Eskdalemuir can tolerate a degree of seismic noise but…”

    Now let’s all stick our head in the sand (or somewhere else) and say that something like this cannot exsit.

  11. Update

    “River Rouge, Mich., will move quickly to identify the source of mysterious rumblings that have plagued Windsor residents for months, officials from the Detroit-area industrial city said Thursday.

    Ontario’s Ministry of Environment has confirmed that four seismic monitors operating for two months in Windsor have narrowed the site of the vibrations to a one-square-kilometre area around Zug Island.

    “On two of our monitors it showed a signal and low-frequency noise at the same times we were receiving complaints,” said Teri Gilbert, issues project co-ordinator for the local Environment Ministry office. “That allowed us to pinpoint the area.”

    The state agency’s staff, which monitors Zug Island, has indicated there has been no new industrial activity that can be linked to the vibrations, he said.

    “There is nothing they can think of or identify in the context of this,” Wurfel said.

    The local Environment Ministry office has received 350 official complaints about the rumblings as of Sept. 1 and is encouraging residents to continue to log the rumblings and call 519-948-1464 during normal business hours.”

  12. this was in yesterdays paper

    “With the data collection apparently complete, Windsor area officials have been getting word in advance from the scientists about their findings pinpointing Zug Island as the likeliest cause of the rattling windows, shaking homes, incidents of headaches, nausea and lost sleep and growing public anxiety.”
    Funny how when people in Duncan’s riding complain that a noise and their house vibrating makes them sick, something gets done but when rural residents complain about the same thing from turbines,it’s swept under the rug

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