Europeans complain Ontario’s green energy policies are protectionist

Toronto Star

The European Union is taking Ontario to task over its green energy policies, alleging the province is favouring local producers.  In Brussels on Thursday, the EU announced it is complaining to the World Trade Organization over subsidies Queen’s Park gives renewable energy producers that use domestic goods.  “This is in clear breach of the WTO rules that prohibit linking subsidies to the use of domestic products,” it said in a statement.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Europeans complain Ontario’s green energy policies are protectionist

  1. So now we have Japan, T. Boone Pickens and now the EU taking the Ontario Liberal Government to task for the GEA. Since Canadian taxpayers are on the hook to defend the McGuinty government at the WTO, should McGuinty not stay the policy until a decision is reached, or is limiting taxpayer exposure to legal damages not part of his agenda?

  2. Should we be surprised?
    Not really.
    It’s an election year –
    the conservatives are on top –
    and the Liberals need a little help from their socialist friends…..from across the ocean (of all places).

    The European Union – is a joke!
    And, there’s no more money to bail them out – so, then what.
    People are in the streets.
    A pathetic display – of what a socialistic regime can do for you.

    Vote Conservative!
    Love your Freedom!
    Pray if you pray………..
    and God Bless!

    p.s. Hold tight!

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