McGuinty’s ‘vampire economy’

Orangeville Citizen

The scenic natural beauty of this province should be treasured. It should never be for sale. No one should be allowed to destroy it for any reason. We have a duty to ensure we protect it for generations to come. So why are we allowing anyone to even consider putting 400 foot high Industrial Wind Turbines up so they can make money selling us power in these areas? It’s absurd.

Just in the Municipality of Meaford alone there is over 4000 acres optioned by Industrial Wind Developers, not counting 100 acre farmland for Solar panels. 4000 acres! Have we all gone insane? How can we even consider this being an option?

There is a report by the Ontario Power Authority titled the “ Integrated Power System Plan 2011 “ it is OPA’s blueprint for our province’s electricity system that outlines investments in conservation, generation and transmission. In this report it states that we have 36,000 MW of installed capacity now and we have 4,000 MW of Inter State and Provincial transfers for a total 40,000. The IPSP 2011 also outlines a plan on how we can also SAVE 7,000 MW through conservation.

In the hottest summer days a few years ago our demand had been between 28,000 MW – 32,000 MW.


  • Total demand: 13838 MW (7:00 a.m. EDT – Aug. 6, 2011)
  • Total generation: 14537 MW (Aug. 6 – 5:00-6:00)
  • Excess generation: 699 MW

This is what we are selling our rural areas out for? There are 1200 industrial Wind Turbines already in Ontario – 1200 for 66 MW of power.

The Ontario Liberal Government has set us all on the road to what is called a Vampire Economy.  It is an economy that only survives with taxpayer dollars, it sucks the life out of the existing economy to exist.

Because of massive government dollars, taken from other services which then become unsustainable like healthcare and education we begin our economic decent.  A slow death if you will.

It destroys new investment in our industries, destroys job opportunities and as you all know by now begins to suck the life out of your disposable income by skyrocketing power costs.  There is no positive side for Ontarians. None.  I say this because …it doesn’t work. !

Look above – wind cannot be discussed without backup power. It cannot work without backup power. It does virtually NOTHING to eliminate air pollution because it doesn’t work on a reliable basis so it NEEDS backup power….so not only are you paying 3 times the rate for conventional power but you are paying for stand by backup power.  All falling into place now?

Last month Ontario was down 22,000 jobs.  For every job created in the Vampire Economy of windpower 2.2 jobs are gone with the wind in traditional industry.

Industry needs power to manufacture – and it can’t be competitive globally if power costs are too high, so they close or move out elsewhere.  But that is only the Money side. Far more important than that is the lasting damage it does to pristine rural areas where it turns beautiful natural scenery into an Industrial wasteland. The heartbreaking thing is, all this damage for something that we don’t even need or doesn’t even work.

Now there will be people trying to argue this. Of course they will. Would you want someone pointing out you are making obscene profits on the taxpayer dime?  Wind is paying 3 times more for power than what you can purchase power for. . And Solar pays between 54 to 84 cents a kilowatt. And that is 12 to 14x more than what the rate for power is.

And that is the Vampire Economy. Sucking the life and future out of Ontarians so it can survive. The Ontario Liberal government must be defeated and Industrial Wind Turbine Developments must be stopped and all FIT programs must be revisited. The GEA must be ripped up. It is unconstitutional, undemocratic – an assault on the very freedoms we hold dear.

Ernest Horvath, Meaford

12 thoughts on “McGuinty’s ‘vampire economy’

  1. Nicely done, Ernest!
    And, compliments to the Orangeville Citizen – for printing the article/letter!

  2. And let’s not forget that wind turbines that are built too close to homes make people sick! “toxic industrial wastelands” indeed.

  3. IWTs are useless most of the time in providing useful power to the grid. There is a high cost to consumers to operate what amounts to the appearance of being green scheme.

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