Oak Ridges Moraine: Not safe yet

by Jayme Poisson, Toronto Star

The Oak Ridges Moraine can’t wait.  That’s the message a coalition of environmental groups dedicated to protecting southern Ontario’s “rain barrel” want the province to hear. And so far, they say the government is largely ignoring problems that are at a tipping point, including depletion of water resources and potential contamination of drinking water.  Read article

1 thought on “Oak Ridges Moraine: Not safe yet

  1. I guess Ontario Nature’s Caroline Schultz was out flying over the Oak Ridges Moraine in search of prime locations for Industrial Wind Turbines.

    Who ever thought that the Oak Ridges Moraine, saved by Mike Harris, that nasty environment-hating creater of 378 new Ontario parks in 1999, would be under attack from Ontario Nature and their misguided love affair with IWTs.

    Oh, the irony of it all …

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