After ignoring and stonewalling us for 5 years, Wilkinson tells wind opposition: protest or participate

Wellington Advertiser

Minister of Environment and Perth- Wellington MPP John Wilkinson is urging opponents of wind turbines to become involved in the process instead of protesting.  “Some people have already made up their minds to oppose wind turbine projects. That is their right,” he said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“Fortunately, the majority of people are very interested in seeing greener forms of energy in Ontario so we can finally break our addiction to dirty coal.”

Wilkinson added there are health benefits.

“The medical community has always been very clear on this issue. Dirty coal and the resulting air pollution leads to unnecessary illness and premature death. Green energy leads to cleaner air and prevents needless suffering and health care costs.”

He also defended the process by which wind turbines are approved, and said the rules are stringent.

“Under the Green Energy Act, wind turbine projects cannot be built without an approval from the Ministry of the Environment. The approval cannot be issued unless the project is protective of human health and the natural environment, and meets all of the strict standards set out in the law concerning minimum setbacks (550 metres) and maximum allowable noise (40 decibels).

“Proponents must show extensive consultation with both the municipality and the public prior to even applying for an approval from the MOE.”

Wilkinson added the process has been approved by the courts.

“Of note, the law and the approval process have recently been upheld by both the Ontario Superior Court and the Environmental Review Tribunal,” he said.

Wilkinson said that makes it clear for people, and opponents should be taking part in the process.

“What does this mean? It means people and municipalities now have a clear choice. They can choose to protest and boycott meetings or they can choose to participate in the process and raise their concerns directly with the proponent.

“If a project ends up being considered by the MOE, again people can protest or participate. Protest or participate. The choice is yours.”

44 thoughts on “After ignoring and stonewalling us for 5 years, Wilkinson tells wind opposition: protest or participate

  1. We have all seen his idea of “participation”. That is why we have to protest!

  2. Once again media spin

    What do we have to do?
    Haul everyone at queens park out by the collars and roast them on a fire?
    Over 9 million Canadians oppose the Liberal energy direction.
    Yet they ignore , and continue on to support their buddies that are making huge profits at our expense.
    Wilkinson you %$%$%$%$……………you are fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. And so we will continue to “ignore and stonewall” cause all your garbage and babble about “greener forms of energy” is just a money grab and another control issue cause that’s what you LIBERALS are all about – control. They only Green about this is $$$$$$$$$$. Liberals even have the Ministry of Environment and the Medical community brain washed and paid for, they tell you LIES OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It just dosen’t stop, they don’t even know the truth anymore…….. You will not take away our Democratic Rights !!! Well it ain’t going to happen – BYE BYE IN OCT :o(

  4. What an insult…this Minister has totally lost it.
    We have followed every single protocol laid out by this government and they wil not listen. They will not meet with people who are being affected, they have shut out everyone except proponents. These lies have to stop!

  5. It’s getting easier every day to mark that “X” beside the PC candidate…

  6. Green energy leads to cleaner air and prevents needless suffering and health care costs.”

    Needless suffering…..he doesn’t know what suffering means…..
    What a gd dm hero.

  7. I think Mr. Wilkinson just told the citizens of Ontario to:
    – Just ‘shut up’ – fall into line with the ‘Green Cabal’s plan’ –
    for our ‘collective’ future.

    The McGuinty Liberals have slowly eroded our rights and freedoms –
    and, sadly, with the help of elected politicians.

    But, then again – if you forget history – you repeat it!

  8. Dalton McGuinty and his spinmeisters have destroyed the Liberal brand in Ontario. The repercussions from their anti-democratic and deceitful behavior will last for much longer than one election cycle.

  9. …well, we would like to participate; and, for starters he can meet with us outside his office and listen to what people have to say. I understand that he is for transparency and open discussion.
    Let’s set a date.

  10. Do I sense he doesn’t like protests? GOOD! Bring ’em on! Come PARTICIPATE, Wilky!!!

  11. He is even suggesting that we have been “boycotting” public consultation meetings.

    Quite the opposite. No matter what a farce they are, we have always been there in strong numbers. Being video taped, forced to sign in and watched by security guards and OPP while the developers refuse to answer our questions.

  12. The Green Energy Act is really just a wealth transfer from the citizens of Ontario to McGuinty’s friends in the wind and solar welfare business……for the next 20 years……An annuity from Ontario to the corrupt friends of corrupt politicians…for ZERO additional energy !!! and ZERO reduction in pollution !!!

  13. We are going to help you. and we hope to have you compensated as well…we will change Municipal gov’t can’t have a few people that can be bought off in back room deals decide..we must have a referendom vote for each area.
    We must make lobbying illegal…..
    No more corporate more Gov’t that will not more lies.

    • Going global means it is not local!
      Who is helping spend Ontario’s money?

      Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid, who issues all the Cabinet directives telling the power authority what do to, said new contracts with a handful of subsidy-seeking corporations are inspired by a higher authority. “There’s no doubt Ontario has stepped up to Obama’s challenge, and together we’ve become a global clean-energy powerhouse,” Mr. Duguid said.

      Exactly what U.S. President Barack Obama has to do with squandering billions of Ontario taxpayers’ dollars wasn’t clear. The intent, likely, is to take the spotlight off the McGuinty government. This is Ontario’s second major allocation of wind and solar…

      • A very sad future for Ontario – if McGuinty Liberals continue down this path of destruction……………….
        10.3. Overall impact
        NAFTA and GATS mean that any efforts by provincial authorities to plan the electricity system, for example by ensuring that supply and demand balance, cannot be effective. Under GATS and NAFTA reforms are irreversible and if the reforms fail, it will be impossible for the provincial government to take control of the sector again and re-introduce a planned approach.

        If ‘merchant plants’ are built, trade agreements will mean that the Ontario Power Authority cannot assume that plant sited in Ontario will be available to Ontario. If the price of power is higher in connected markets, there will be no way to prevent such plants exporting their output, so even though there might nominally be enough capacity in Ontario, there can be no guarantee it will be available for Ontario. If as seems likely, no new merchant plants are built and the market is dominated by plants contracted to the Ontario Power Authority, these will be likely to be available to Ontario, although the existing hydro and nuclear plants may choose not to be contracted and ‘play’ the market. At best, this would lead to very high prices as and at worst, power shortages.

    • Wilkinson to Citizens:
      Protest or Participate – Good question!

      I’m crazier that I thought!

      I have been watching for months……
      Wind Works starting to move………….
      Quietly waiting – unnoticed – till now!

      This company is stacked high! Maybe – too high………I am not an expert.

      Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – Contract Masters!
      Wind Works Power Corp. – THE GOLDEN GOOSE –

      No transparency till:
      Aug. 9, 2011 – 8 – K filed with S.E.C. – 3 days ago!
      And, everything looks wonderful – (?) !!!!!! Right?

      Stock – ACTIVITY………dormant,
      until yesterday Aug. 11 – 2011

      The big Question: Winners? – Losers?

      If you are interested in watching the GOLDEN GOOSE’
      go to:
      …….leave tab open – and refresh tab often

      Wind contracts certainly are ‘cute’- or so they say.

      Re: Barb’s links
      I read the Feb. 29, 2010 article – I’m trying to follow the money
      but, all I am getting is –
      a ‘promotional tour’……….and the feeling of positioning.

      Who will end up owning these contracts!
      Wind Works now has a total potential development pipeline of 23 wind energy projects totalling 587 megawatts, including Zero Emission People’s advanced-stage Snowy Ridge Wind Park near Napanee and its Grey Highlands project south of Georgian Bay, both of which are 10-megawatt facilities.
      The company noted in a filing that Zero Emission People has not yet generated any revenues to date.

      J.C. Pennie, Chairman of the Board of Directors
      Mr. Pennie is a pioneer in the wind energy industry in Ontario, Canada. He has successfully developed six wind energy projects representing $360 million in power contracts that have been sold into joint ventures with international firms such as Energy Faming International of Germany and Schneider Power of Toronto. Mr. Pennie is on the IESO (Independent Electrical System Operators) renewable energy standing committee.

      My observations:
      They have not been very transparent/disclosing details.
      But, their press releases have been good!

      additional link

      Remembering Enron – Fastow to be released Dec – 2011

      • You are seeing this right. Promotionals to encourage people to invest in these companies. Companies/brokers make money on stock trading. So if a company is dormant with no trades then there are no trading commissions.

      • With all the FIT contracts they have this could set them up for a lucrative takeover deal if the price is right.

      • The value in renewable wind & solar companies is in the ownership of the FIT contracts and the future earnings they can bring. The equipment,once installed, would probaly have book value of used equipment or maybe even be carried at scrap vaule. Buying renewable energy stock is buying future earnings from the FIT contracts.

  14. Reminds me of George Bush when he told the world “you are either for us or against us”. It didn’t work out too well for George Bush and it won’t work out well for Wilkinson, McGuinty and company.

    • hey Dan,
      Unfortunately, it’s not about them – they can leave for greener pastures –
      ordinary citizens – are left with the consequences of intentionally designed destructive policies –
      taking away ‘rights and freedoms’ – all in the name of ‘climate change’ which has already been proven as:
      – a non existent promotional green cabal vision into the future – or whatever else, they choose to babble about.
      Their ‘tower of babble’ keeps growing.
      We need the conservatives to verbalize; enough is enough!

  15. This dirty energy act is the pits.
    If the existing IWT’s still turn,after PC’s are in, then there should be a hydro transfer tax of 10 cents per Kw for powerline useage, for compensation to the people..Wolf Island installation should be demolished, without compensation,and a fine (lien) per bat/ bird on the owners personal bloody cash pile.

    I think Mr Wilkinson has got his head stuck up his bottom hole!

    and Oh!,I guess anyone can sell anything in Canada/ Ontario without CSA or UL approval.I’m sure IWT’s are not and Smart meters certainly are not! I checked mine,it aint.

    So I guess another law is ficticious/ abandoned/ manipulated/ corrupted too.

    • Smart Meters are not CSA or UL Listed. They have a tiny 200-amp breaker inside that has failed, causing fires.
      Moral: don’t leave home in case of fire!
      Thank you! Ugh!
      p.s. yes, I have heard of smoking meters

  16. Bit of a distraction. A proponent drive process to include specific steps (open house – done), does not adapt well to any “just cause cancellation” and is not much of a process if consultation was wanted. The process was developed to speed up development. Participating in the process means comments are kept confidential so no one knows what the concerns are. No reason both should not be done. Participate in the process and protest.

  17. I have to say it: Why don’t they just burn clean coal rather than dirty coal? Is it so much more expensive?

    • Good Question…There must be a Miner out there to clear that up

      • Someone (can’t remember who) told me that the coal we burn is actually high grade with fewer emmissions than for instance the coal they burn in China.

  18. Who runs an election by encouraging citizens to protest their policies?!!!! Why not create a more caring government willing to help their citizens.

  19. Startford and Paris like Wilkinson….those areas need work. Paris papers will not run anything anti Liberal
    Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to tell your side at the Wellington ..they are fair and lately Duguid has written in and now Wilkinson…someone had told me that some of the area is in his riding

  20. Fabulous Ernest….what a grand awakening it would be for those who don’t quite believe that something sinister is happening. It could be an ongoing history lesson.
    Like Mike Crawley being the pres of the Liberal party then sliding into wind development before the general public knew anything about the wind turbines coming….. ZOWEE what a career change!

    Excerpt from Hansards:
    ……. He goes to the Liberal policy conference three weeks ago and tells you what your hydro policy should be, and then three weeks later, he gets a $475-million contract. Where I come from, this stinks. This stinks. Will you do the responsible thing and will you terminate this blatant conflict of interest, this blatant payoff to your Liberal friend?

    …we have the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, and even his own CV says that he was in sales management for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and before that he was a political hack. You are going to give him a $475-million contract at 60% higher than the current price of electricity. Meanwhile, for low- and modest-income families, who have been hit by an over-20% increase in their hydro prices, you are only going to give them a dollar for every extra $20 that you take out of their pockets. Maybe you can tell me, is this the McGuinty government’s definition of “change” — you ….

    ….Mr Hampton: Do you know what? Ninety companies came forward, and somehow the president of the Liberal Party, who has virtually no experience in this field, comes out on top.

    According to the McGuinty government, you could have a bank robbery and you could have the bank robber walking off with the money and as long as you had an independent consultant who said, “It’s all fair,” that would be fine with the McGuinty government.

  21. Well right now we have had some great links to many insiders dealing with mcguinty but they are all over the place.
    You don’t have to imply anything
    Just post the information on one post…so far media hasn’t wanted to touch it.
    It’s time people understood that this is not about saving the planet but a well organized hand over of our energy production to business selling us power at enormous rates…a controlled monopoly all in favour of power companies…..
    let the public see and decide…………..we need a new system of government.

  22. Anyone who has the time to put something like this together, be my guest!

  23. you already have many people posting this information
    It’s just not in one area so hard to find after a while…not suggesting any work for you MA… in the last few articles there is a host of links by participants……I wasn’t trying to dump the job on you , you do enough.
    Just a thought..let people put the connections on one ongoing posting…..

  24. Here’s an example of me trying to follow their “process”.
    Having very serious problems I formally requested a time to speak at the Standing Committee hearings on the Green Energy Act. (April 2009)
    My request was in well before any deadline. I thought it would be very important to be able to tell them first hand what was happening in our home seeing as they were taking in information that would be used to consider when setting the regulations for wind projects.

    I got a call asking which venue I would prefer, Toronto or London. Either one I told them.
    On the day the Toronto hearings started they called me and told me there was no room for me. I asked them please to try to find a place for me in either location, but they said sorry and I was denied.
    Then I found out they had give George Smitherman 2 slots to address the committee and had given The Pembina Institute 2 speaking slots, but they didn’t have room for me.
    (I was told later that there were 3 unfilled slots on the first day.)

    Ultimately I had to sneak in.
    In London a group graciously let me use their precious 15 minute time slot so I could speak.

    That is just one shining example of “the process” and I have so many more……

    • Please share this in Wilkinson’s riding newspapers. or Duguids riding or McGuinty’s..
      The only time we matter with our present system of government is election day. And if you really want to tell them how you feel..never give them a second term…2 terms and they have a great pension.

    • Stomach turning. Governments have to understand that the public is becoming more and more aware. If the world is shocked that Ontario wasn’t so easy to railroad than we should take comfort in that. A country is worth fighting for even if the fight is in our own backyard.

  25. I have told this to many working in the media over the past 2 years but no really one seems to care.
    This is much deeper than even wind energy issue.
    It is about gravely flawed processes and phony steps taken to appear a democratic process.
    There are also no records that any of the input from the EBR risterty on the green energy and economy act was reviewed. It is humanly impossible to have reviewed what was submitted in the amount of time between the registry deadline and the regulations being ready for releaase.
    I have also been unable to get an answer of “who” reviewed the input. Much of the input was redacted in places where it was completely unecessary. These are public documents and they have been altered way beyond any concern for privacy. Whole sentences were removed and remarks about setbacks were blacked out. I’d call that borderline tampering with public documents but I’m not a lawyer…..and there is soooo much more…….


      The Sun newspapers aren’t bad..the star is a lost cause. Then you have radio talk shows that do listen

      Try these for a start.

      I think it is becoming pretty obvious we are on the brink of our very own Sponsorship Scandal
      Papers have walked a thin line on this topic…..but the stories are getting closer and closer and leading up to pointing this out.
      One of the greatest gifts you can give to your child is to never accept what is being sold to you without research……

    • Hey Barb,
      I think you hit the nail on the head.
      “phoney steps” –
      it does spark one’s interest…….doesn’t it?

      I think my several comments –
      were filed in a secret file, marked: Too sensible, therefore offensive!

    • Great comment, Barbara.

      I’m living with turbines…they won, I lost.

      So why am I continuing the fight? Because I saw a very corrupt government grossly manipulate the process, stifle democracy, lie, use my own tax dollars against me, ignore human rights and hurt innocent families. I saw an entire industry take over my area with the help of this crooked, self-serving government.

      That’s why I’m still here.

      • We are watching a turning point in the history of Ontario. People have to realize the value of our lands in Ontario. They are not just property of the Ontario Government to use for whatever purposes they choose. We have to live here, work here. Right now rural Ontario is being used for resources, mega dumps and now crappy electrical production. We are also the great promoters of Ontario grown food. THAT should be what we stand for. Don’t sell out your neighbours, protect them.

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