Province’s energy policy based on politics, not people

by Lorrie Gillis, Stratford Beacon Herald

There are families near industrial wind turbines still undergoing noise testing after three years of doing all they’ve been told to do, with no resolution to the problem. They don’t want to be guinea pigs anymore. They are tired and sick. They are betrayed and they are angry.

Nearly 25 families from Ontario, that we know of, have been forced from their homes after the start up of turbines nearby. We don’t know how many have quietly sold and escaped to regain health. Almost every week I hear from a new person having difficulty.

Information on health issues from wind turbines compiled by Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities should have raised a red flag with the McGuinty government but it did not. The Ministry of Environment does not help people who come forward to report health problems and continues to issue Certificates of Approval to build more projects. Environment Minister John Wilkinson denies that anyone is having health issues from turbines and declares that turbines are never louder than 40 decibels. Both statements are absolutely incorrect.

A recent tribunal appeal decision in Ontario acknowledged that wind turbines can cause harm to humans.

The debate has now evolved to one of degree.

The term “degree” means we must prove there will be serious harm to an individual, in a specific project, before it is built and operating. It’s a very challenging test and one that, to my knowledge, is not a typical requirement for other industries.

The government is well aware of the fact that there are health problems; it has received the evidence many times including in recently published peer reviewed articles.

Their energy policy is based on politics, not people.

“To do no harm” is the job of any governmental authority.

People are being harmed. I’m in touch with many of


There is a realization that the systems we thought were

in place to protect us aren’t working.

Many municipalities have come to the realization that they are faced with protecting us from our own provincial government’s imposed law. There are over 70 municipalities calling on the provincial government to look at this issue, and many of those are asking for a moratorium until there is a definitive study done by health professionals on siting turbines with the health and wellbeing of our rural families in mind.

A young man who had to leave a home that became too toxic to live in after turbines became operational, attended some information meetings held by people concerned with turbines. I asked him what he thought of the meetings. He said he couldn’t relate to the people attending. He says people understand there may be health issues when turbine installations become operational but focus on property devaluation, viewscape and loss of tourism. He agrees, these are very valid concerns but says people don’t quite get how destructive to a person’s health turbines can be; that loss of health and a safe home becomes the most important issue to deal with.

Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands

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  1. “To do no harm”
    McGuinty and his ministers of health and energy
    should be charged under the law, now .
    In court should be video, and the people .

  2. In the past there were the railroad and auto barrons and now the creation of the renewable enery barrons. At least the common folks got something out of trains and motor vehicles. They get nothing from IWTs except a pile of troubles that cost lots of money.

      • Barbara,
        Steve McIntyre is the best – and,
        the great news is –
        he’s a Canadian.

        Anything, and everything – you want to know about the U,N. Climate Change shenanigans – is on this link – it’s unbelievably exciting!

        I encourage everyone to navigate Barb’s link posting – above.

    • Great link — everybody should check out the article for at least the comparison of the Lovins graph from 1976 and the Greenpeace graph from 2011.
      I’m still chuckling over:
      a “trick” (TM – climate science.)
      … and I’m a warmer!

      • IWTs won’t solve any potential warming problems anyway. So why waste money on them.
        A warmer planet earth will produce more food so not all that bad a situation. A new little ice age would be a disaster.

  3. Health studies health studies..etc etc………as I heard today at the Goderich Information meeting today….a prescribed drug would be pulled from the market if there were health concerns….I can tell you if 100 or so cows were effected from prescribed drugs it would be pulled……….

    It is so inconcievable that these concerns are not addressed immedietly(sp)

    In court,on video,onTV,..right on!

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