Speakers discuss turbines at Goderich Meeting

by Travis Pedwell, Bayshore Broadcasting

Three experts speaking at the Columbus Centre in Goderich believe Wind Energy is not the way to go.  The experts discussed the topic at a meeting hosted by Concerned Citizens of Huron County Saturday.

The speakers were Dr. Glenn Fox of the University of Guelph, Ben Lansink a real estate appraiser and Keith Stelling of the Friends of Aaron Lake group.

Ben Lansink — a London Real Estate Appraiser says wind turbines will cause a depreciation on homes.

Lansink tells us even if a home is up to 5 kilometres away it will still have some effect.

Lansink notes depending on the distance a home’s depreciation can drop between 30 to 50 percent.

He says every property owner in Huron county is going to suffer and should be worried.

Lansink calls the wind turbines a disaster.

He says there are so many of them being proposed for the area and not many property owners are going to be able to escape the damage it will do.

Lansink notes during his tenure in real estate he has never met anyone wanting wind projects on or near their land.

Keith Stelling of Friends of Arran Lake talked about the environmental impacts turbines are going to have.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News turbines are having enormous health effects on both wildlife and humans.

Stelling says species such as bats and bald eagles aren’t safe near wind farms.

Stelling tells us the turbines destroy habitats.

He says the low frequency noise also causes reproductive problems for wildlife.

Stelling notes 135 residents in the province of Ontario are known to have suffered from effects of wind turbines.

He calls the health effects extremely serious.

Stelling says ringing in ears, lack of sleep, lower immunity, high blood pressure, hypertension are many of the symptoms.

Stelling calls on the Ontario Provincial government to listen to its citizens.

He notes the government has had plenty of opportunity but choose to ignore the concerns and only listened to manufacturers and wind companies.

As for ways to learn more about wind energy you can visit www.windconcernsontario.org.