Clear Creek Ontario Victims speak out

Wind: impacts on health

3 thoughts on “Clear Creek Ontario Victims speak out

  1. I have no words to express the utter disgust I have for a Minister of my Ontario government dismiss 50 people as if they do not count. And 50 is another flat out lie by a McGuinty “talking hat”. I do not see the Minister packing his bags to live in Stephana’s or Bert’s home while letting them stay in his…….. such social injustice is unexceptable.
    Liberal MPP’s must be voted out of office Oct. 6th.
    An informative and impacting video.

    • I do not have answers – I worry a lot!
      I live in fear – but – I hold on, and
      I pray everyday for a miracle!

  2. Thank you Stephana and Bert for your courage and your voice!
    Does anyone have an English trancript of this?

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