PCs Pledge to Restore Local Democracy on Wind Development

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Concerned citizens and local councillors made their way to the campaign office of the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound PC candidate Bill Walker on Tuesday to hear about his party’s stance on the future of wind energy in Ontario.  The keynote speaker was the Progressive Conservative environment critic and Haldimand-Nofolk MPP Toby Barrett.  Barrett told the crowd the PCs would immediately move to place a moratorium on new wind turbine development and freeze new wind energy contracts, which are driving up the cost of electricity. He also said the PCs would honour all existing contracts, if they’re elected this October.

The Green Energy Act, passed by the Liberal government two years ago, has turned out to be the most divisive policy for rural Ontario, said local PC candidate Bill Walker, who has been knocking on doors for a few weeks.

His party has pledged to restore municipalities’ decision-making authority on green energy development.

“These decisions have to be made by local authorities, not Queen’s Park,” Walker said. “We’re united in our belief that the dissension that has hit rural Ontario has to stop.”

Walker also questioned why the governing Liberals are rushing through billion-dollar green energy contracts at a time when the province is producing a surplus of energy.

Retiring MPP Bill Murdoch was the first member at Queen’s Park to introduce a moratorium on new wind development, but his resolution was quickly quashed by the Liberal majority.

“I think people will stand up on October 6 and vote to put a stop to this idea that everything has to be run from Toronto, and I believe they’ll be united in their call for a return to local and sensible solutions,” said Murdoch.

MPP Barrett said he was pleased to visit the riding and discuss the PC’s fix for the contentious Green Energy Act.

“Bill Walker’s handling of the contentious wind energy meeting reinforced the fact that he’s eminently qualified to carry on the legacy of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound at Queen’s Park,” said Barrett.

10 thoughts on “PCs Pledge to Restore Local Democracy on Wind Development

  1. met toby barrett a few weeks ago here in essex county, along with dave brister. was very impressed. i have donated to both the conservative party and wind concerns of ontario. i also joined the conservative party.
    if we dont defeat the liberals on oct the 6th, we will be in a dire financial mess. more companies will move from ontario and our unemployment rate will match that of the dirty thirties.
    today on the news, the economy here in canada is slowing down at a rate worse than before. we are not getting out of the slump.
    so many windmills and solar panels producing electricity for empty factories. we will be stuck with the excess hydro and end up selling it to the states at a huge loss.
    denmark sells most of its hydro from wind mills to the rest of europe at a loss. with 7,500 windmills on danish soil, the people finally have had enough. no more wind farms on land. years ago i was in the danish merchant marine and know the danes well. danish people pay the highest electricity rates in europe and are finally realizing that the big wind companies have taken them on a long ride to financial ruin. many are on welfare as hundreds of factories have closed.
    that will happen here if mcguinty wins the election.

  2. An IMMEDIATE moratorium would be appreciated…especially in our Grand Valley instance, project approved 2008, bought out 4 times or more and now well under way to construction phase hru Veresen Inc…all because it fell in the grey zone, when local planning authority was stripped away by provincial government. Purchased farm in middle of it all and now sitting with proposed IWT 770m from residence in low-lying wetland. GOOD GRIEF…there simply needs to be a complete *FAIR* review for placement of these monsterous beasts!!

  3. I had emailed Bill because leaving it to local authorities may lead to buy offs.
    No council or members at country or municipal level that are here today gone tommorrow should decide
    It is not their call , it is OURS.
    This should be a referendom vote in each municipality, that, I can accept and respect.
    With the dollars these alternate energy companies stand to make they can buy off council , CAOs no problem……it cannot be left up to 7 people on a council during that particular time.
    Or we are right back to where we are provincially and nothing changes.

  4. It’s possible to agree with almost every point you’ve made, Ernest, except that the referendum vote should be WITHIN the area where the IWTs are proposed to be built excluding those who would sign leases to IWT developers…………..oh, no…….what if they bribe non participting householders?…………..NO, IWTs don’t belong anywhere……..STOP the subsidies!

  5. Health studies before wind turbines… but what about all of us who have already had wind turbines built too close, have had our health degraded, our lives turned upside down, and have been forced out of our homes? What do the PCs have to say to us?

    • ……………..the article caught my attention too.
      The only way I can explain – the Green Cabal is a very powerful – organized movement –
      Moral of the story – Move forward – quietly – get it?

      Vote Conservative!
      ………….encourage your friends to do the same.

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