Activist continues call for moratorium on wind generators

Harvey Wrightman

By John Phair, Today’s Farmer

One of Middlesex County’s most vocal opponents to large wind turbines says if a comprehensive health study was completed on the affects of wind turbines it would mean the end of the wind industry in Ontario. Strathroy-area greenhouse operator Harvey Wrightman has long called on the Ontario government to invoke a moratorium on the construction of wind turbines until a health study can be completed.  Read article

1 thought on “Activist continues call for moratorium on wind generators

  1. Excellent explanation of the source of the adverse effects coming from IWTs, Harvey.

    Now, if you could scrounge some free time from your work schedule, could you help your readers understand how these adverse effects work on the human anatomy? If I ever get away from the 18 IWTs jammed in within a 3 km radius around my house, I might be able to draft such an explanation.

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