Blast from the Past: Canada’s dumbest politician

By Lorrie Goldstein (Reprint from April, 2007)
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a surprise winner for the stupidest comment ever made by a Canadian politician about the environment. We know a lot of you were expecting it would be Stephen Harper, John Baird, Stephane Dion or a member of the Alberta legislature.  But our winner is Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s energy minister, who says Ontario’s Liberal government won’t install scrubbers on the smokestacks of its coal-fired electricity generating stations — among Canada’s, and North America’s, worst emitters of air pollution and greenhouse gases.

As Duncan put it: “We’re not going to spend $1.6 billion on technology that doesn’t help climate change. That’s just dumb.”

Actually, Mr. Duncan, what you’ve just said is dumb. It’s so dumb that whenever anyone looks up “dumb” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of you.

By announcing that Ontario will do nothing to clean up the airborne pollutants pouring out of its coal-fired generating stations, Duncan (and Premier Dalton McGuinty) have decided not to fight smog — which we know is choking the life out of thousands of Canadians every year — particularly seniors and children with respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Their reason? Because the scrubbers won’t remove greenhouse gases that are also a byproduct of burning coal and linked to global warming. The reason the scrubbers don’t do this is the technology doesn’t exist.

So, Duncan isn’t going to address a problem — pollution and smog — we have the technology to deal with and we know is killing people, because it won’t also address greenhouse gases and global warming — which, if the science is right, might kill people in future because of increasingly violent weather patterns.

This is what happens when the ongoing hysteria over global warming links up with foolish, trendy politicians.

Global warming has become the elephant in the room that is sucking out the oxygen — literally — from every other major environmental concern, especially smog.


In 2003, when McGuinty was running for election, the only thing he talked about regarding Ontario’s coal-fired energy plants was air pollution. Not a word about global warming.

Among the 231 election promises he made was this: “Air we can breathe. No more coal. We will shut down Ontario’s coal-burning plants by 2007 and replace them with cleaner sources of energy.”

Since then, McGuinty has broken and rebroken this promise, pushing back the date (because Ontario needs the electricity these plants generate) to 2014. Duncan argues it will take five years to install the scrubbers and by then the plants will be about to close — assuming the Liberals are still in office and still intending to keep a promise they’ve broken twice.

What’s clear is that in 2003, their promise to close these plants referred only to pollution. That was the crisis. There was nothing about greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which isn’t a pollutant.

Here’s McGuinty in 2003: “Our five coal-burning plants (four are still open, including the largest) are the worst polluters in Ontario. They create smog and threaten our health. Asthma is the most common reason for admitting children to Ontario hospitals. Polluted air is a major cause of this epidemic. We think our most vulnerable citizens — seniors and children — should be able to go outside in summer without consulting a smog index.”

That was then, this is now. Now, McGuinty is transfixed by global warming and we can all choke on it.

This is madness. This is the lunatics running the asylum.

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  1. It would be great if some clever person could create an election collage of this bulb photo of Dwight Duncan, the famous Jack ….ass photo of Dalton and that perennial favourite, the FLICK OFF photo of Laurel Broten. Our fearless leaders.

  2. Well, I am not sure why I bother with this but here it is. Watch the dates.

    “Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s energy minister, who says Ontario’s Liberal government won’t install scrubbers on the smokestacks of its coal-fired electricity generating stations — among Canada’s, and North America’s, worst emitters of air pollution and greenhouse gases.”

    Well Mr Duncan, we can’t install scubbers on Ontario’s coal plants because, well, they are already installed. And guess what. They are some of the best scubbers in the world. And notice the part about where smog actually comes from.

    2000 – 2006
    From The Babcock & Wilcox Company (A North American Company providing North
    American jobs)

    Lambton 4 was ranked the fourth cleanest
    of all of the 403 large coal fired units in NAFTA

    2000 Project initiated

    Project objectives
    Any process involving combustion of fossil fuels in air will
    produce oxides of nitrogen, NO and NO2 (collectively called NOx).
    NOx is a contributor to the formation of ground level ozone and is
    a constituent in the formation of .smog. that can be seen as a
    reddish brown haze over large urban areas, particularly during the
    summer months. According to U.S. Environmental Protection
    Agency (EPA) data, in 2003 utilities contributed 22% of manmade
    sources of NOx. Motor vehicles contributed 55% with the balance
    being contributed by industry and residential sources.
    Recognizing the significant impact possible from reducing NOx
    from large power plants, OPG initiated a project to reduce the
    emissions of NOx from both its Lambton and Nanticoke Stations.
    OPG invited bids for SCR systems in late 2000 and a contract
    award was issued to Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd. in June 2001.
    The project involved units 3 & 4 at Lambton (which already had
    SO2 scrubbing) and units 7 & 8 at Nanticoke. NOx reduction objectives
    for each station are listed in Table 1.

    OPG has achieved the desired NOx reduction from both the
    Lambton and Nanticoke Stations with the addition of the SCRs. In
    fact, in recent rankings, Lambton 4 was ranked the fourth cleanest
    of all of the 403 large coal fired units in NAFTA.3 The addition of
    the SCR units has made a significant impact in reducing the total
    NOx emissions in the Province of Ontario

    • Thanks David for your posting. It’s worth it as a testimony against the corrupt Liberal energy agenda.

    • Sorry Lorrie, you haven’t done your due diligence before writing this article. Many of your statements are false. I have been following this Green Energy fiasco and researching relatedd information for a year and a half and am sure of my facts.

      • Spinning

        What exactly are you disputing? This article was written in 2007.

  3. It was an interesting article. It assists one ion answering the historical questions that surround an issue of great importance today.

    Namely: “When did the monkeys receive the key to the banana plantation?”

    This is not an idle question as previously the monkeys had demonstrated quite conclusively that they were incapable of administering the finances of their chain of peanut stands. Indeed there was an issue with the Pembina Chimps — who it was rumored — had accessed the messaging system of the monkeys and were now controlling all the meeting agendas and the internal communications systems of the monkey tribe. Indeed they were funnelling sums of cash from the monkeys bank account to their own for nefarious purposes. (Although it had not been proven in courts.)

    At the time the Pembina Monkeys were duking it out with the Suzuki Orangutans who were waylaying monkeys peacefully going about their daily business of pilfering petty items form the local villagers (in addition to their Peanut Stand Chain). The Orangutans were demanding — and receiving a tithe on all the movements of the monkey’s ill-gotten gain. This practice eventually became a staple practice of such note-worthies as the Trillium Gorilla Gang and the Defenders of the Shining Environmental Path.(sometimes known as the Smithites). This was shadowy gang of ill-repute and much disputed origins — although some said it was simply part of the great Southern Gangs know for pillaging the finances of large villages sited near to their rain forests.

    Interestingly enough, the leaders from the Great Northern Forest had sent the Crowlyite organization to re-institute control — but in the manner of all great schemes wrong — it seems that the enforcers teamed up with radical branches of the Suzukyite Monkeys and the Pembinistas (another radical offshoot) and began running their own smash and grab operations on the villagers — thus cutting into the monkey’s revenue operation. This lead to great a internecine struggle warfare amongst the groups of orangutans, chimps and gorillas — who all vied for internal control of the honey pot — not to mention the peanut inventory.

    Well, that’s enough history for now…. but I hope that clears up any misconceptions of the historical aspects.

    For those who want more of the inside scoop you will simply have to await my book… “Monkeys on the Prowl”, Subtitled “The Keys to the Banana plantation and how they were Stolen”.

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