Expropriation without compensation formalized in Alberta

Alberta passes draconian laws abolishing property rights

by Lawrence Solomon, National Post
Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, was in the news this week for brashly announcing an expropriation of the mineral rights of the citizens of his country. We don’t seize private property that way in our democracy. We seize it silently and in plain sight, as seen in the province of Alberta, which so deftly passed stealth legislation two years ago that most Albertans are only now discovering the government’s audacious takeover of their property rights. Read article

7 thoughts on “Expropriation without compensation formalized in Alberta

  1. That is far from the Alberta that I know, my beloved, heavy on personal rights, government out of ones face, Alberta of old!!!
    What in tarnation is going on there? I know Stelmacs` election was a fluke of process, if you will, and he`s a bit offside on a lot of issues, but it obviously took much more than just him, to push this agenda through the legislature.
    It sounds like the green B.S.,has become deeply entrenched there also, planning to build(over-build), power transmission capacity, to accomadate useless IWTs, many miles away from where it`s needed.
    Could it be they have more stringent setbacks in Alberta than Ontario? I`d be interested in learning that! Anyone know?
    Albertans definately need to give their government a collective shake, if not a mass firing, and replace with that new, centre right, prov. party, whose name eludes me at present.
    Certainly, replacing their Conservatives.with lying Libs.,isn`t the answer,as B.C.,Ont.& Quebec can attest to, with their anti-demacratic, blatant corruption, devastated economys and massive, environmental, destruction underway.

  2. What a mess….people need to wake up in a hurry. This is frightening.

    • The hand of the UN can be seen here. The goal is to have Canada furnish renewable energy for much of North America. The US will be the main beneficiary of this plan as transmission lines will be built to send Canadian power to the major US population centres in the east and west. Objective is control of Canada’s energy resources by world forces.

      • Thanks for the link Barbara,

        V interesting.

        Looks like ( to me) the wind experiment was to change our thinking to Nuc’s.

        I guess we will see…….

      • Clean renewable energy to be supplied to the US mostly by Quebec,Ontrio and Alberta. Wonder if Americans will like having their electricity supply controlled by another country?

  3. I discussed this with an individual at a political barbeque a couple of weeks ago. He insisted we need the “land use plan” that the laws are based on but could not seem to understand that if the government wants your land for any purpose they should buy it.

    Seems simple to me, but I am a simple guy.

    There was a similar discussion a few years ago about endangered species. If one critter was seen on your land it (the land) could be quarantined, i.e you could not farm it. The solution discussed among farmers was the “3 -S” solution.

    Shoot, Shovel , Shut up!

    Some of the Cabinet Minsters running for Leadership of the Progressives, now say they are opposed to this law. Funny how they were on side two years ago, and now find it objectionable. I wonder why.

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