Rebuttal of Liberals Energy Claims

By W. Dean Trentowsky, Owen Sound Sun Times

The media reported on August 8th in Tillsonburg that Premier Mc Guinty stated that Ontario has some of the most aggressive standards when it comes to the placement of wind turbines. The premier is quoted saying “Our chief medical officer of Health for Ontario tells us that wind turbines and solar panels do not compromise our health”.

a) Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health did NOT conduct evidence based scientific research. In contrast, Dr. Robert Mc Murtry claims that evidence based scientific investigation is required, in order to establish what the safe setback distances are (if there are any) for the placement of turbines in Ontario.

b) Did you know that currently the placement and setback distances of turbines are based on computer modeling (i.e. turbines are not situated using evidence based scientific research)?

c) Ask why the Ministry of the Environment doesn’t have the means necessary to enforce the 40 dBA audible noise sound limits and thereby enforce the Green Energy Act Regulations – regulations which are part of the “aggressive standards” that are supposed to protect Ontario citizens and their health. MOE insiders admitted this problem during the approvals process for the Shelburne area wind projects – as revealed in the media by a leaked MOE memo earlier this summer.

d) Ask why the Green Energy Act and its Regulations don’t contain provisions to protect Ontario Citizens against the dangers of low frequency noise and infrasound. Ask why the removal of these provisions from the Legislation was supported by turbine proponents.

e) Did you know that the Minister of the Environment has publicly admitted the shortcomings of his Ministry’s inability to correctly monitor audible noise, low frequency noise and infrasound?

f) In light of the aforementioned, ask why the Renewable Energy Act approvals process is allowed to continue.

Dr. Robert McMurtry has publicly stated that anything that disturbs sleep (i.e. audible noise, low frequency noise or infrasound) is a nuisance. Lack of sleep compromises a person’s immune system and their abilities to function and to reason – the slippery descent towards declining health begins.

Health issues already exist in Ontario communities like Ripley, Shelburne and Norfolk County. Ask yourself why homes and farms in these areas are currently abandoned and/or are for sale.

If turbines don’t compromise health then why after 2 years of the GEA’s existence does the MOE currently employ an outside consultant in an attempt to establish uniform standards for monitoring audible noise? Why only now is the MOE starting to research low frequency noise and infrasound? Should they not have had these answers earlier in this decade before starting out?

The current government claims that Green Energy is “emissions free”. Turbines can emit noise; and the facilities used to transmit turbine power to the grid (i.e. overhead and underground power lines, transformers) can emit electrical pollution (i.e. stray voltage, irregular sine waves aka “dirty electricity”).

The Premier has publicly quoted David Suzuki as saying that public and political opposition to Green Energy is “insanity”.

Ask yourself…..should it not be the insanity of the Green Energy Act that ought to be stopped?

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      “Together we have achieved so much” – Liberal TV Ad
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  1. If ya talk like a socialist – you must be a socialist. I think!

    Look’s like McGuinty Liberals are a step away from communism.
    The article demonstrates socialistic ideas………….on display for citizens.

    Mr. McGuinty said he certainly does not favour an environment policy outlook that relies solely on the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector.
    “We’re not sitting on our hands hoping this will blow over. We’re exploring new and exciting clean energy opportunities,” he said. “We can’t hang on to all our old manufacturing jobs. We’ve got a responsibility to create some new ones for our kids and grandkids.”–mcguinty-fuels-green-debate

  2. The story starts off like a movie script:
    SIEKACZEK was half asleep in bed when his doorbell rang here early one morning two years ago.

    Still in his pajamas, he peeked out his bedroom window, hurried downstairs and flung open the front door. Standing before him in the cool, crisp dark were six German police officers and a prosecutor. They held a warrant for his arrest.

    I don’t want to spoil the punch line:
    Courts ruling!
    How – what a movie this would make!

  3. We have to begin NOT using their invented jargon.
    When we do , we unwittingly validate.

    • To this day – there is no legal definition –
      of what a “Green Job” is.
      It’s whatever you think it is. Period.

  4. Uninstalling …McGuinty …………..
    ██████████████████░░░░░░░░░ 59% complete…

  5. As with advertising and disclosure of corporate information for investors, governments should be held to a “truth in advertising” and “full disclosure of material facts” type of standard. This hype, misdirecting and outright making things up should not be accepted from the government by the public when it’s our billions of $, environment, health, etc. at stake !

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