Message to McGuinty: Most green-job schemes have been miserable failures

by Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Dalton McGuinty has hit the campaign trail, and he’s paving it green. Earlier this month he announced that Ontario will pump $80-millioninto building charging stations for electric cars. “They are peppy, they are quiet, and the thing that I like best as a father, and ultimately a grandfather, I would hope, is that they’re clean,” he said. By 2020, he hopes, one out of 20 cars in Ontario will be electrically powered.  Read article here

12 thoughts on “Message to McGuinty: Most green-job schemes have been miserable failures

  1. Going global means it is not local!
    Who is helping spend Ontario’s money?

    Definition for:
    GREEN JOB – not known yet! Whatever you think it is!

    Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid, who issues all the Cabinet directives telling the power authority what do to, said new contracts with a handful of subsidy-seeking corporations are inspired by a higher authority. “There’s no doubt Ontario has stepped up to Obama’s challenge, and together we’ve become a global clean-energy powerhouse,” Mr. Duguid said.

    Exactly what U.S. President Barack Obama has to do with squandering billions of Ontario taxpayers’ dollars wasn’t clear. The intent, likely, is to take the spotlight off the McGuinty government. This is Ontario’s second major allocation of wind and solar…

    Heads Up! Ontario citizens!
    August 19 – 2011 speech to the Nation

    “There’s no doubt Ontario has stepped up to Obama’s challenge,
    and together we’ve become a global clean-energy powerhouse,” Mr. Duguid said.

  2. Can anyone say Ballard? Bal-Lard — Fuel Cell Company (BLD on the TSX — Check the charts) — next big thing — mucho dinero from the feds and everyone… Stock was near $60 at one point — now $1.30 and going down… So much for advanced fuel cells and battery storage technology.

    Maybe we should all buy The Chevy Volt:

    I won’t bother to quote total world wide vehicle sales — but lets just say the performance charts for wind turbines look better…

    Too bad McGuinty did not have the information before he started out… Of course there was the information provided by Dr Calvados of Juan de Marianna Univ. in Spain — but who reads when you can watch CTV or ALGORETV. Anyway — is the guy believable? I doubt it — sure he had a doctorate in economics. Sure he had the experience of Spain to draw on. Sure he had hard numbers. But that pales beside the effectiveness of a left wing political philosophy that demands that your artists bag hold only green crayons. Only the sky is blue (and cloudless) in a green colored world. Yup –green fields and blue sky forever. The investors love it!

    So sharpen your crayons and swing with the green crowd!

    Let’s face it — when you have a fruit fly geneticist like Dr. Suzuki come out on the side of green energy it is easy to get lulled into a sense of complacency by the depth of his knowledge. So who can blame McGuinty? Not me — he did every thing he could — he put a high school graduate in charge of energy and sent him to Asia to con the Koreans. And did he succeed? Of course, Samsung got sucked right in by his bargaining ability and will never get more than a few hundred million $ out of us! Could you have accomplished this much? Not Likely! What’s not to like?

    McGuinty is a genius — who could doubt it!

    • Hey Dave,
      Good article post.

      Note to Ontario citizens!
      If ya talk like a socialist – you must be a socialist. I think!

      Look’s like McGuinty Liberals
      are a step away from ‘communism’.[emphasis added]

      The article demonstrates socialistic ideas………….
      on display for citizens to witness.

      Mr. McGuinty said he certainly does not favour an environment policy outlook that relies solely on the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector.
      “We’re not sitting on our hands hoping this will blow over. We’re exploring new and exciting clean energy opportunities,” he said. “We can’t hang on to all our old manufacturing jobs. We’ve got a responsibility to create some new ones for our kids and grandkids.”–mcguinty-fuels-green-debate

  3. So let me get this straight.
    using Electricity is BAD for the environment..we are destroying the planet by turning the lights on, we must conserve.
    So , we are sold battery powered lawn mowers , cars , etc……that we have to use electricity to power.
    Then what is it ?
    There weren’t lying to us us…………………..were they ?
    i am getting the feeling that they just wanted to sell us power at enormous rates.

  4. Awesome article, Margaret. I read the first 18 or so comments out of a total of 223 comments on the G and M website. No one was applauding McGuinty. I cannot believe that he keeps plunging ahead with this lunacy – the green dream. He has lost touch with reality and is really putting Ontario in a dangerous situation. As a small business owner I am VERY concerned with future hydro costs – ON’s costs are higher than Quebec, Man. and many USA states. HOW many jobs will we lose to those provinces, states?!

    And if he trots out the “… a father and ultimately a grandfather…..” phrase once more, I am going to scream. Making it sound that if you are a father/grandfather you care MUCH more than anyone else. What about people who can’t or don’t want to have kids, I guess they just don’t care as much…… And what about moms……?

    • You’re right Petra, McGuinty has “Baby On Board” syndrome.

      You’ve seen them out on the road: the rusty, unsafe beaters driving around with bald skinny tires, cluttered back shelves and distracting booties swinging from the rear view mirror and, of course, the “Baby On Board” signs that are there to lecture all other drivers on how to behave in the vicinity of their own, much more important, precious cargo.

      Yes, it is enough to make you scream!

  5. I would think that there will have to be lots of parking spaces at these charging locations as an electrical refill could take considerable time!

  6. Texas is like Ontario. They do things BIG there — just like us…

    The cost of building thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines to bring West Texas wind power to major markets has risen nearly 40 percent from original estimates, according to a state report.

    When approved by the Public Utility Commission in 2008, the plan to build lines to support up to 18,500 megawatts of West Texas wind power was tagged at $4.9 billion dollars.

    A quarterly update now puts the cost at $6.8 billion, a 38 percent increase.

    Ah wellll — win a few lose a few…

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