Advertisements by industry and government promote illusions

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There seems to be a basic issue that is getting very confused. People seem to be accepting the illusions from questionable advertising by governments and big industrial businesses of what a product appears to be and not the reality of what it really is and does.

Take industrial wind turbines for example, advertising pictures of them along with the catchy buzz words used, congers up ideas which then misdirects you into believing things that the government and wind industry want you to believe, similar to tactics used by a magician at a magic show. Advertisements promote illusions of how benign they are, totally an asset to our well being and how friendly government and the wind industry is.

The reality is: They cause many harmful health issues to humans; why else would industrial wind turbine farms located around prisons have to be turned OFF at night. The wind industry buy up homes troubled by industrial wind turbines and a gag is placed on former owners from talking about it. If you question or express opposition, then intimidation tactics are used like name calling, lawsuit threats, to even government here in North America saying, they will CRUSH THE PEOPLE OPPOSSING wind. More money can now be made by having to build lots of new polluting backup fossil fuel burning electrical generation plants because of wind being so unreliable. Industrial wind turbines are too costly and too dangerous to have them in and around cities plus there’s huge MONEY savings to have them in the rural countryside. Farmers just happen to have the CHEAP land to put them on. Also many of all those big numbers of new jobs being claimed move around and restart from province to province, state to state and country to country.

If only the illusions of industrial wind turbines were true than their reality would have no illusions.

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin

5 thoughts on “Advertisements by industry and government promote illusions

  1. The big illusion is IWTs provide useful power worth the effort. The unreliable intermittency of the wind creates unpredictable ups and downs in production to the extent IWTs are not worth bothering with. Many times when consumer electricity demand is highest IWTs are not producing and in those times placing an additional burden on electricity demand by consuming more energy than they produce.

  2. Make sure your local papers get your letters to the editor stating what is being shared here. We already know these facts. The general population needs to read and hear the facts before the October 6th election. Put your efforts into educating them before it is too late and we have another 4 years of Dalton and his gang.

  3. And they contribute to people thinking that turbines prevent climate change — when indeed they cause it. It must be so — there are millions of articles on google about this — check it out…

    Negligible? Only half a degree? Don’t believe it — it’s bad and it’s getting worse — daily… đŸ˜‰

    Today? 4,790,000 articles — mostly hot air…,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=bd7dc3ba557981c8&biw=1327&bih=715

  4. The wind industry and eco lobby is working the papers and blogs all over Ontario
    Prince Edward County and Lindsay , Owen Sound , Barrie …TO of course

    All we can do is post the Windtracker page……can’t fight that
    I understand people completely , I was interested in them too and at first thought they were great.
    But when you look at the numbers..cost , destruction to the rural environment
    And the effect they have on peoples lives…look at us , Look at the people who now have to live with the stress ….
    No political party has a place in a democratic society that would pass the GEA.

    • Hey Ernest,
      Firstly – we are a ‘free society’!
      The democratic process – is what you make it!

      We’ve seen Mr. McGuinty’s ‘democratic process’;
      conclusions that are predetermined.

      No place for:
      ‘socialistic green democratic process’ in a free society. Period.

      The good news is: a rumor; UN moving to communist China.

      We are Canadians! We are a ‘Free Nation’!
      God Bless us!

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