CanWEA attempts to “confuse the public”

Chris Forrest

by Debbie Lynch

The ‘Sussex Strategy Group’ would be proud of Chris Forrest, the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) Vice President of Communications and Marketing, for so closely following their Nov. 2010 ‘game plan’ wherein they laid out “…a plan for a special interest group to publicly defend the McGuinty government’s costly energy agenda by confusing the public and the media on the real cost to families.”

After reading Forrest’s “CanWEA marketing” propaganda it is clear he is not as up-to-date or “well informed” on the facts as one might presume – especially on the issue of industrial wind turbines and human health concerns. Here are some facts:

The Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) Decision released on July 18, 2011 regarding the Erickson v. Director, Ministry of the Environment (Case Nos.: 10-121/10-122), on page six states, “…the evidence shows that there are some risks and uncertainties associated with wind turbines that merit further research.” The ERT Decision also states, “What the Tribunal can state is that the need for more research came
up several times during this Hearing. Time will tell as to what that research will ultimately demonstrate. The Tribunal is hopeful that, whatever the results, further research will help answer some of the concerns and uncertainties raised during this Hearing.”

On page 207 the ERT Decision states, “…[this case] has served to advance the state of the debate about wind turbines and human health. This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they
[wind turbines] can, if facilities are placed too close to residents.

The debate has now evolved to one of degree. The question that should be asked is: What protections, such as permissible noise regulations or setback distances, are appropriate to protect human health?”

Forrest obviously chose to ignore the following facts from an email Gary Tomlinson, Sr. Environmental Officer, Guelph District Office of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), sent on June 12, 2009 to Jane Glassco, of the MOE, wherein he stated, “In short, MOE field staff have no approved methodology to determine compliance with the noise levels identified in the Guideline(s)/Certificates of Approval Air for noise emissions from dispersed multiple wind turbine sources,
(or any other dispersed multiple noise sources).”

The Ontario PC party has stated that they will place a moratorium on industrial wind development until independent peer reviewed health and environmental impact studies have been conducted; they will restore planning authority to the municipalities; they will rescind the existing large-scale industrial FIT contracts; and they will end
mandatory compliance with time of use (TOU) meters, along with other changes to the energy portfolio.

I know for certain, that like many voters, I will be basing my vote on fact-based information, therefore, on October sixth, I will be voting for my local Progressive Conservative candidate.

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  1. Chris hire’s rainbow specialist!

    Go! Chris Go!

    The ‘Sussex Strategy Group’ would be proud of Chris Forrest, the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) Vice President of Communications and Marketing, for so closely following their Nov. 2010 ‘game plan’ wherein they laid out “…a plan for a special interest group to publicly defend the McGuinty government’s costly energy agenda by confusing the public and the media on the real cost to families.”

    All together now! –
    Go! Chris Go!

  2. What about the Cap & Trade provisions of the Green Energy Act? Any information on this? Renewable energy developers can make gobs of money selling Certified Emissions Reductions/ CERs from reneweable energy projects

  3. Surely, before Ont. goes to the polls Oct. 6, the Progressive Cons., the only truly progressive party in Ontario, at present, with the help of their informed, honest, intelligent,supporters,(did I mention good looking?), will be able to inform Ontarians, about things such as the Sussex Groups paid and followed advice to the lying Liberals,enough to get them booted from power!?! I realize elections are strange things in Ontario most times, but this is way over the top. People can`t be that blindly naive, can they?…..Okay, don`t answer that. Let me pretend, if only momentarily, that they can`t. Aww releif,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • The issue is people have a hard time getting around the conspiracy to lie.
      It could make a good fiction book …
      Gore was the 5th largest investor in the Chicago Carbon Exchange..before his movie.
      He didn’t mention that in his movie.
      The start up dollars came from the Joyce Foundation..Uber rich ..much more powerful than Tides .Obama sat on it’s board until 2002.
      You will find them as benefactors to the USA Sierra Club.
      They are here now in Montreal

      Carbon pricing goes hand in hand with the alternate energy industry.
      This is our main focus.
      It is essentially corporate welfare , redistribution of wealth
      Unfortunately you eventually run out of other peoples money << part quote from Thatcher
      Already a Trillion dollar commodity market..with absolutely no lowering of emissions.
      But they are ,making a lot of dough from air.
      Enron lobbied hard for this…………so you know it's a good thing.

  4. Just read Christina Blizzard in todays Sun,(Sunday). Not good! Not good at all.
    The Cons. have aparently lost their lead in the polls. So I guess I`ve answered my question from my previous post above. The answer is yes, Ontario voters are indeed, stu//d enough ,extremely naive at best, to re-elect the most corrupt government in Ontarios history.
    Of course it doesn`t help, when Hudac comes out with stupid ideas like chain gangs! Didn`t know that was an issue on anybodies radar Tim.
    Time to smarten up! If you can`t find a way to beat McGuinty, that`s pretty pathetic.
    I`m so tee`d, I could just spit! Not to mention worried sick about the future. With McGuinty, Ontario has no future, Period.

    • Hey Douglas Moran,

      Everyone I talk to –
      – gets a monthly electricity bill, shops for groceries, puts gas in their car, has hopes for their children, – some citizens have 3 part time jobs, and the list goes on and on………
      – it’s pay cheque to pay cheque!

      I think it’s safe to assume
      Ontario citizens – do not have ‘green dreams’……they’ve seen the horror!

      We’re just getting started.
      McGuinty Liberals still have to ‘unwrap’ their present –
      I mean ‘plan’ for the future.

      I can hardly wait!
      But, I think it has to do with – more green bondage policies, and promises!

      p.s. “God – keep our land – glorious and free –
      O Canada – we stand on guard for thee”
      [line from,O Canada, National Anthem of Canada]!
      p.p.s. God Bless all your efforts!

  5. Before reacting to the have to know how and where it was done.
    So I wouldn’t get too concerned.
    His focus should be
    canada has no issue with the environment
    And I agree and have told the PC’s to stop talking about nonsense..shut up , go home and you would win

  6. Please except my apology, if I upset anyone with my post. Like I said, I was extremely upset/disheartened, to think we may go off the rails, as happened only 4 short yrs. ago.
    Obviously, I should have chilled longer, before posting. I should know better.Don`t post, when upset.
    MA: If you know of any poles which are more optimistic than Christinas` quoted pole, please let me know. I wasn`t being “dishonest “,in quoting what she wrote in her article?!?
    I certainly havn`t given up hope! On the contrary, I`ve more drive than ever. It`s recharged me!
    I think you`re right Earnest,if they quit the nonsense talk and just went home we`d win.
    IWTs and the total destruction of our environment, needs to be brought to the forefront.
    Plus the Libs deep rooted corruption, within the industry and every thing they say & do, must be shown to voters somehow.
    We still have time,poles go up & down, obviously.
    We will win, this time!

    • Douglas M:

      Also remember that it is easy to set up a poll (not Pole, 🙂 ) with biased and leading questions.

      Unless you can track down the poll and the questions asked don’t take it too seriously.
      Remember the CANWEA poll that “proved” that over 80% supported wind turbines and green energy in general? It was so biased and asked so many questions based on the poll-takers ignorance that it proved nothing. The answer determined by that poll could indeed be correct — or any other possible number. It was that bad.

      So if you want a better appreciation of a particular poll (forget the truth) — then go to that company’s web site and track down the poll. More than likely you will have to send them a letter.


    • MA misunderstood what you were saying and took it in the wrong direction , I share the same frustration , and have told the PCs this.
      None of us want this messed up so close to the election by simple things.
      But I think if Tim went home , sat and had a beer.. he would win.
      The rest is not an election winner.
      And we want the NDP and Liberals to lose..they MUST

  7. I never saw any NDP get up in the legislature with motions on our behalf.

    I never saw any NDP submit petitions on our behalf.

    In fact, except once by Peter Kormos (who is gone now), I never heard the NDP even bring up this issue in the legislature.

    I go by actions, not words.

    P.S. If you think I am, or ever have been, a partisan PC, you are wrong.

    • If there is anyone that thinks the NDP has any sound governing ideas , perhaps you should read this , this what cap and trade or carbon pricing is all about.
      If climate modeling is sound or not , this is the industry it will support

      Deforestation…trees are natures ability to filter air and create oxygen
      Overpopulation…we need less people not encourage more…more people requires food food grown , more large scale livestock operations , more water used etc and more consumersism

      The NDP FULLY support Cap and Trade….meaning we would fully support corporate welfae.
      Their emergy program would put even more IWT in our pristine rural ares……in short they are fools.

  8. I think a lot of us are frustrated that the PC’s aren’t more vocal – but keeping quiet while the other parties say dopey things trying to catch up is how professionals play the political game.
    It is wrong to say we don’t know what they will do with FIT. We know very well both the NDP and the PC’s say they will honour existing contracts, and the PC’s will end the program.
    The NDP policy is getting OPG to abandon nuclear, and build turbines – when OPG is a low-cost provider that has an interest in affordably refurbishing exisiting nuclear reactors, and even building new ones.

  9. Nothing mentioned about energy poverty and making renewable energy developers very rich off from excessive FIT contracts? What about the Cap & Trade provisions in the Green Energy Act? Nothing said about any of these issues?

  10. All voters should be asked if they are spending 10% or more on energy costs? Next ask them if they want continue on this downward path or do they want to reverse course and get out of energy poverty? Throwing money at renewable energy projects will only drive more people into energy poverty and the province into economic ruin. FIT contracts are only the means into an economic downward spiral.

  11. I agree like the man..but under our present system a vote for the man is a vote for McGuinty
    Has this guy been able to stop McGuinty’s direction? He is a Liberal isn’t he ?
    It’s a good election ploy , you know your leaders agenda is killing your chances of having a job , so you speak out against it. The leader knows a vote for anyone in his party is a vote for him.
    Look at when Tory ran…the man is so out of touch with Ontarians , yet he ran with the school platform…foolish , he listens to the CBC too much , but Murdoch speaks out against him , Tory should have stayed quiet..Murdoch wins his seat which means a seat for Tory , instead Tory boots Murdoch out..Tory is gone , Murdoch is there.
    Murdoch was winning seats for Tory..even though Tory was losing them.
    Our system is not built on an individual candidate’s power..that’s why your idea is wrong.
    It is not right , some good peoples careers will be ruined..but that’s McGuinty’s fault.
    Barrettt had 8 years to change McGuinty direction..not just talk about it.
    Think about that a bit.
    The PC are not the dream answer, but the Liberals and NDP have policies that will destroy my ability to have a quality prosperous life for gloabl corporate welfare ..and they will not be allowed to do that

  12. Would you feel more comfortable trusting and supporting the PCs if Hudak ackowledged, in public, the existence of the hundreds of wind victims across Ontario?

    IMO this gesture would show that Hudak ‘gets it’. Short of that, I’m not sure…

    What do you think?

    • I think every political party has been approached , every individual riding , evey municipal and county official..I think they have all been ” talked with “.
      To answer your question I don’t trust the Liberals or the NDP at all.
      I have no idea what voting for the PCs really means…I need clarity.
      I know the province will be decimated by either the NDP or Liberals…and the Green party

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