More Pics of Port Dover BBQ

5 thoughts on “More Pics of Port Dover BBQ

  1. i LOVE your sign Port Dover. King Dalton indeed.
    As I heard recently on the Jerry Agar show – Newstalk 1010
    On October 6th Vote Hudak and send this current wannabe king back to his family.
    He’s gonna need their COMPASSION. Understand that concept Dalton? Compassion?
    Oh never mind…..

  2. Thanks to Marnie Knight and all those who made this event a success. Port Dover is a hot bed of political discontent. Our MPP, MP, past mayor of Norfolk, and myself are all graduates of Port Dover Composite School.

  3. Just an FYI- Toby Barrett MPP, made the comment while sitting at a picnic table after the walk through town; that the rally was the first
    “main street protest in Port Dover in the last 20 years”… much for an apathetic south coast tourist town.

  4. All good pictures , the one with “Oust McGuinty Now ” on the strreets of Port Dover, so needed.
    I really wonder why mcguinty in office has’t been charged in the court of law
    with causing so much harm to people siting turbines too close, then he lies so much.
    Another charge would be conspiracy to commit fraud To The People..
    This is a man who sits at home with his family and has no conscience of what he
    has done and doing to so many families siting these turbines so close to their homes

  5. I just wanted to personally thank each and everyone of you that came out to support our Rally in Dover. We had to jump thru hoops to make it happen, but we did it!!! We had a great day and an awesome turnout. Even the OPP went above and beyond for us. You all should be proud of what you did and isn’t it great stepping out of the comfort zone and standing up for what you believe in?? lol thanks again everyone!!
    Marnie Knight .

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