Attention Lake Erie shore residents from Dunville to Selkirk

The following information has not adequately been sent to all dwelling owners along the shores of Lake Erie. To rectify the neglect of Samsung and Stantec project leaders and make sure this information gets to owners of homes, cottages and trailers along the Lake Erie shore from Dunnville to SelkirkI hope this will help to inform the public properly of this venture and provide them some means to lodge formal complaints if they feel they should or need to.

Notice of Public Meeting

To all dwelling owners from Dunnville to Selkirk Road who should have been notified of Samsung Renewable Energy Inc.’s Proposal:

The Draft Description Report describes the project as a wind facility consisting of 67 Siemens SWT-2.3-101 wind turbines, approxiamately 425,000 photovoltaic(PV) solar panels, a collector sub-station. interconnect station and Operations and Maintenance building approximately 20 km of 230 kV transmission lines along Haldimand Road 20 and approximately 82 km of new overlaod and /or underground 34.5 kV collector lines along public roads.

Supporting documents are for public inspection at the project website.  To communicate concerns contact the project team via email at

Project Leader is Mark Kozak or by phone at 1-877-536-6050 or 1-519-836-836-6050 (collect). Comments must be received prior to or on September 22, 2011

Public meeting date is
Septmeber 22, 2011
5:00 to 8:00pm
Cayuga Kinsmen Community Centre, 15 Thorburn Street,  Cayuga Ontario

or Write to

Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Att: Rob Nadolny
Suite 1,  70 Southgate Drive
Guelph, Ontario  N1G  4P5
(I am sorry to announce to you that replies from Stantec are often slow in coming or not made at all.)


4 thoughts on “Attention Lake Erie shore residents from Dunville to Selkirk

  1. How could a company(looks like Stantec) show there is sensitive land all around a proposed turbine
    but nothing below it ,, so that a proposed construction rd can be built up to a turbine ..
    Looks like right through the trailer folks ………… What about wildlife ,,, birds raptors?
    Worse example iv’e seen for a turbine with 100 trailers(2-300 people in front of it)
    This must be a mistake

  2. This is ridiculous. The more I read the more disgusted I become, not only at the wind companies and government, but at the arm chair critics who should be taking this seriously. I hope all of the people in this park show up at the meeting and scream their faces off!

  3. Revolution Guys! It looks like tjhe only way forward! Seimens? A German company who can no longer sell their turbines in Germany! Vestas? A Danish company where their own country has banned any further onshore turbines! Samsung? Opportunists out to make profits on your tax dollar! If anyone believes any of the above foreign countries are ‘investing’ in Ontario to benefit Ontario residents they have to be totally crazy! And the saddest thing of all? The proof already exists – Industrial wind turbines and the industrial solar projects to follow just don’t work and will solve not a single energy problem only help bakrupt Ontario and Canada even sooner!

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