Wind turbines no answer

by Cheryl Ulmer, Brantford Expositor
I am very much in favour of alternative energy production. I truly believe solar and geothermal energy are the waves of the future. However, wind turbines are totally another story. It was shocking this summer to take a drive along an old stomping ground, Hwy. 21. It was like driving along a place that has taken a page from a science fiction novel. No longer do you notice the green pastures or trees. You see these gigantic metal objects for miles on end. It really scared me that all of Ontario could end up looking like this.

Wind power is not sustainable. We would have to cover London in windmills and even that would not produce enough power to keep London running.

This is not what we want for our children and grandchildren.

I feel incredibly sorry for the farmers and people who moved to the country seeking a more peaceful life, now waking to high-pitched noise and gigantic steel.

Dalton McGuinty, please stop this and fund more solar or geothermal energy without destroying rural Ontario. After the country and water are filled, the cities are next.

Cheryl Ulmer, London

11 thoughts on “Wind turbines no answer

  1. As much as I hate looking at three turbines shoved up my backend everyday, people need to put the viewscape aside and start focusing on the base issue. Wind does not cut it as a reliable, safe, constant, dispatchable or environmentaly (which includes health) sound form of electrical generation. Many of the renewables unfortunately have the same problems including solar. Ontario through the aggressive Green Energy Act is generously subsidizing and effectively mandating that renewable electricity be used. We are providing for 20 years, through feed-in-tariff rates, production costs well above the cost of conventional electricity generation for what exactly????? ….a form of generation that can only provide 12 to 25% of their nameplate capacity which require fossil fuel backup anyway and subsequently will add at most 5% extra to Ontario’s electrical grid and 1% reduction in C02 emissions. The PC’s have been the only ones willing to further examine this issue. I for one plan to give them a chance to do so on Oct. 6th.

  2. Its about the billion dollars the feds gave the province to comply and they have just given Quebec a billion dollar promise
    its once again all about the money
    It looks good for the politicians that jobs are being provided — and China is upset now because they are not getting the jobs to produce the small parts over there and that is a violation of the FTA– This has to stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ontario FIT contracts will make a few people filthy rich and if Cap & Trade takes effect come January 2012 then more milions will be made by the same people selling carbon credits. CO2 will not be reduced but Ontarians will be fleeced out of millions and the economy ruined due to high energy costs in Ontario. Collateral damage to people and wildlife mean nothing to these people.

  3. Add to this insult the subsidies given to mining companies to keep their electricity costs down. Who pays for that? Oh, guess that would be us.

  4. Every working stiff here has an interest in battling Cap and Trade and Carbon Pricing

    • Perhaps we should all be emailing the Liberal Candidates asking them where they stand on the Cap and Trade and Carbon Pricing should they be elected?

      When will they pass it and how much is the tax?

      How will this tax help the average family and our fragile economy?

      • Any carbon tax is a tax on carbon compounds like fossil fuels. Gasoline,natural gas, propane, coal, CO2, etc. All this will do is raise the price of energy even further and in turn the price of all goods and services. The taxes could vary according to what price the government wants to charge. Cap & Trade is already in the Green Energy Act and set to go Jan.,2012. CO2 price/tonne is set on the world market

      • CO2/tonne was ~ $20 but has been lower and higer than this amount on the European market. You can look up the price on the Montreal Climate Exchange to get today’s Montreal’s price.

  5. Thanks Barbara,

    I was not aware that the carbon tax and cab and trade is in the Green Energy Act and will go forward in January 2012.


    Is this why the Liberals want as many Windmills in Ontario as possible therefore the companies that install them, for example Suncor, can get a carbon credit to offset their pollution?

    • Cap & Trade is in the Green Energy Act but so far no Carbon Taxes unless you want to consider the HST on gas as a carbon tax.
      Companies like Suncor could either use the turbines as offsets or sell the carbon credits on the market or trade them. Say carbon credits are worth ~$20/metric ton/tonne CO2 and a wind farm has a capacity of 200 MW which has ~3 million CERs/carbon credits you could get 3 million x $20 = $60M. To be safe say ~$40-$60 M, 1 CER=1 metric ton CO2

  6. I have come to believe that this party members were hand picked to put this into play..BUT I have no evidence.., the last few months , makes me think that these elected people were not in to serve us but a means to an end….but that is only my gut feeling
    How did we get to be so foolish ?,,,,,,To actual let people even talk of the concept to price air.
    It will soon be a commodity like oil………… is the worst thing that could happen to the next generation
    They face everything controlled in their lives. And they will be working not for themselves but for global welfare. Which of course means corporate welfare.
    Have you ever had industry aline with government , and have media in play like we have seen for a better pension plan for seniors?…When they align like this the only social conscience is “profit margins”.
    This should have been the first clue.

    This is lay person’s take on understanding it

    I like this gal , knows her stuff ,

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