Pinocchio and Industrial Wind Turbines

By Charley Urbanek, Goderich Signal Star
If only McGuinty, his Liberal team and his green supporters had noses like Pinocchio, Ontario might have had a lumber industrial boom. The Ontario Liberal’s propaganda has spared no efforts in spreading information of how their green energy polices only do good, created ALL those new jobs and repeatedly assured Ontario residents that there is No Proof, that industrial wind turbines could possibly cause any medical problems. It was backed up and supported 100 percent by the man himself.

Just released at by way of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Act, we now find out that even back in early 2010, Dalton McGuinty and his liberals were well aware of the medical problems that industrial wind turbines were causing but elected to deny them and misinform people. Further information obtained and to be released shortly will also show this multi-billion-dollar program is based on absolute lies.

While Pinocchio had the excuse of just being a little boy, McGuinty and his whole liberal team does not. To have our Government knowingly make people sick is not acceptable.

Accountably for this ignominy and others might very well start with this upcoming election.

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin

1 thought on “Pinocchio and Industrial Wind Turbines

  1. Anyone who is aware of all these Liberal lies and corruption, in other words any politically informed person, who votes Liberal regardless, belongs in a home, surrounded by IWTs, for the duration of at least one election cycle,(4 yrs.). For their first offence. Maybe that would smarten them up!
    I just don`t understand the thinking, of anyone who can condone such harm being done to their fellow citizens.
    I guess they are the real nimbys! As long as it`s not in their backyard, they couldn`t give a hoot!
    And a common thing I hear, when expressing my incredulity about some Liberal corruption taking place, is basically, with a shrug of the shoulders, oh well, that`s politics, they`re all the same.
    Well, yes, there are many it seems, but if you continually re-elect them, nothing will ever change.
    Corrupt, lying politicians must be fired! As McGuinty should have been last election. Or this is what you get! A totally destroyed, ‘welfare state’ of a province.
    Oct.6/11 Vote Conservative…….please! If only just this once. To save Ontario! Thanks.

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