An Artist’s Interpretation

Painting by Tony Luciani
Available at Town and Country Gallery, Kimberley, Ontario

3 thoughts on “An Artist’s Interpretation

  1. If you are ever in Picton, there is a gallery on the main street that has 2 sculptures in it. One is entitled Prinde Edward County before Industrial Wind Turbines. it is beautiful. The other is of of 3 rusty metal turbines.

  2. And those should be everyone involved with the GEA and major proponents enjoying the view.
    No i am not suggesting it…………..I can be wishful

  3. Anybody have Tony Luciani’s email
    What is the intended interpretation
    turbines belong with the departed , or Turbines are the new religion, being next to the church , or the turbines will make residents move to the cemetery eventually especially with the absence of wildlife…..or all of the above
    Moving powerful picture that generates great fustration

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