Bruce County Council listens to John Bennett then sends him on his way

Bruce County Warden Mike Smith

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times
Excerpt:  “I know they always quote these peer reviewed studies from scientists, but to deny there is not legitimate health concerns does a great disservice to the wind energy industry. We know some wind energy companies have been buying people out,” said Bruce County Warden Mike Smith, who argues in favour of more information about the proximity of wind turbines to homes and animals. “Certainly at the municipal level we need more input into the siting of these things. They seem to twist the argument where you have some concerns about it and that means you’re opposed to it which is not the case. There is legitimate concern about the siting of wind turbines and to ignore that does a great disservice to the Green Energy Act and wind energy in general,” said Smith. Read entire article

22 thoughts on “Bruce County Council listens to John Bennett then sends him on his way

  1. The head of the Sierra Club of Canada says there’s plenty of research worldwide to show that a link between well placed wind turbines and health concerns is unfounded.

    “Concerns about the health effects of wind turbines have been grossly exaggerated by those who have other agendas involved,” said John Bennett , the executive director of Sierra Club Canada, during a presentation to Bruce County council on Thursday.

    “I’ve talked to hundreds of people who oppose wind turbines and it comes down to that they just don’t want them and then they go looking for reasons. . . I think what happens is that people have aesthetic responses to this and then they go looking for arguments.”

    Ha! Ha! Ha! – looking for arguments!

      • Hey Barbara,
        Excellent link…………
        The ‘good news’ is –
        after the economy collapses –
        the ‘global government’ can look after us.

        But first – we have to save the planet!
        Al Gore and David Suzuki say so!

      • I wonder if OPSEU members realize that over $100 million of their pension fund, jointly administrated by the Government of Ontario and OPSEU has been invested in renewables. If the green energy bubble bursts, these people will not be happy campers.

        “Firelight is a joint venture between OPTrust and Dundee Real Estate Asset Management, and has over $100 million invested in renewable energy projects across Canada and focuses primarily on wind, hydro-electric and solar power.

      • Appears they also have invested in UK renewable projects. Pension funds can provide a lot of venture capital but in this case in the wrong investments. As I recall in the past public pension funds were not allowed to make risky investments like being in the venture capital business. OPSEU will lose a lot and so will other Ontario pension funds. They have a vested interest in maintaining the Green Energy Act

    • In more recent times pension funds have been used as piggy banks for venture capital without regard to any investment risks involved . Some pension funds even invested in hedge funds and took huge loses in the 2008 world financial market collapse.
      Not much thought is given to the future security of pension finds that people will need to depend on at retirement.

      • The other night on The Agenda, Tom Rand of MaRS suggested that pension funds have a duty to invest in low carbon energy. That’s big of him to volunteer your retirement funds.

      • Many modern pension funds are huge pools of money that people trying to raise venture capital go after. Renewable energy projects can’t be done without huge capital investments as they are so costly to build. Pension funds are being sold on the idea that “green” investments are the moral thing to do despite the financial risks involved.

  2. Perhaps John Bennett should live in one of the homes that have been abandoned because of the noise the wind turbines emit. Then would solve the problem as he would experience first hand what the noise is like. Why doesn’t someone suggest this to him.

  3. Appears that Bennet would have successfully completed
    CANWEA’s introductory course – IWT’s for Dummies.

  4. The Councilors and Warden were patiently trying to explain democracy to this raving lunatic enviro-fascist.

    What part of “Get Lost” does Bennett not understand?

  5. Thank you Warden and Bruce County Council. Mayors of Bruce County did not fall into the trance of the snake oil salesman and his roadshow. Common sense shall prevail. Well-informed politicians do not buy into presentations by funded lobbyist, they listen to the people they represent. Democracy, fatally absent at the Provincial level.

  6. Thank God we still have representatives in leadership positions who have retained their morals and conscience. Without them our civil society would surely collapse as is now happening with the faltering “proponents of wind energy at any cost” community.

    You can’t buy class Mr. Bennett.

  7. It is only hinted at in the article, but a friend on County Council says that this dude was very critical of nuclear, making a number of unfounded claims. (Funny how that works in the middle of claiming others doing that on IWTs) Anyway, so this guy comes, attacks nuclear energy, a major employer in the county and then basically tells them they are stupid for not understanding the issue of industrial wind. Eh to win friends and influence people there dude!

    Shows just how arrogant these guys truly are.

  8. Hi Douglas , how are you my friend.
    The Sierra Club in the USA has a benfactor in the Joyce fact Obama was on it’s board till 2002.
    The Joyce Foundation helped start up the Chicago Carbon Exchange, since defunct….
    Richard Sandor the father of carbon pricing and futures in trading headed the CCX along with execs from Goldman Sachs and fannie Mae,,,with investors like Al….Gore…All before his disingenuous movie.
    The Joyce Foundation’s benefactors are the Richest of the Rich….even more influencial that Tides.
    Cap and Trade and carbon pricing , goes hand in hand with what you are seeing here in Ontario with Alternate Energy.
    You take a huge polluting Industry for example, they can earn carbon credits , they are spinning this name now but lets call it that here , by investing in global “Environmnetally Beneficial ” areas.
    Wind , Solar , Trees, that kind of thing.
    So companies that want to protect their carbon credits , and keep them for future use , or avoid being fined or having to buy credits from a Carbon Exchange diversify and as you are seeing are investing in Alternate energy.
    Where the fix comes in , in Ontario , is obvious to all of us here , they are paid enormous rates here for wind and solar. The small FIT people will eventually be squashed like a bug , they just don’t know it yet ,like that pig farmer lady, in due time there will be no small player. However , the entire system is based on “rewarding” companies going Environmental”.
    So you have a company that is a hugh polluter , that can continue polluting , by getting into wind or solar, at the same time make huge profits.
    There is no incentive to lower you emissions in your industry… make enormous profits selling power to the suckers in Ontario , and you have your carbon credits that can be saved , sold on carbon exchanges or traded..
    Now Richard Sandor has come to Montreal..Montreal Climate Exchange , along with other ex CCX people and in tow you have the entire might of the Joyce Foundation with him.
    It may be that the USA Sierra Club has Bennett.working the room for Sandor to ensure the fix is in for Cap and Trade this Jan. 2012.
    The Joyce Foundation consists of the Richest of the Rich, they are the Industries , and they are the media…globally.
    If I wanted to keep doing what I am doing , and have the Ontario fooll pick up the tab , I would set up a system just like we are seeing.
    i won’t worry about oil spills , water pollution , air pollution in places I am set up , because Ontario will pay me many times the rate for power if I invest in wind and solar, and not only will I look good , but I will rob Ontarians blind , but I can sell my CC on an open market like a commodity.
    Hence you have Air being sold on the worlds market…like a barrel of oil.
    You can’t make this up , when you explain to people what is going on , their jaw drops or they find it so unbelievable., because they believe their government works for them and they believe that we live in a free society , until yo show them.
    Bennett is doing his job.
    We all know IWT kill birds.
    Windsor has an overpass and these fools at Sierra Club were complaining about the bird kills because of the overpass.
    I wrote to the paper pointing out that so do IWTs but the Sierra Club feels that’s okay.

  9. The thing I can’t believe is these so-called environmentalists who turn a blind eye to where the natural gas back up will come from every time the wind doesn’t blow. Fracking will pollute millions of litres of water for ever. And I’m supposed to think IWTs are going to say the world. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Douglas:

      Look at the Fracking issue more carefully. Many of the situations blamed on Fracking existed long before the practice began in the area — particularly Alberta.

      In the early 80s in SW Alberta (south of Calgary, near Okotoks, High River etc.) I personally saw well water (fumes) being ignited. There was no fracking at the time. People in the rural areas would pull out their letters and demo at the drop of a hat — just for the entertainment value.

      This issue may largely be another red herring. I am aware of at least one You Tube video that was faked — details escape me at the moment.

      Gas is usually (often) contained in Limestone deposits. Limestone is naturally porous and fractures easily. Anywhere there is gas in the water is likely a limestone bedrock area, and the gas has likely been there a long time, and has been leaking a long time.

      You can see this phenomena near Stoney Creek (Hamilton Area) in Ontario — along the Bruce Trail. When I lived there we regularly hiked the area — and would stop to see the burning gas vents.

      To me this is just another distraction. Regardless — I prefer to stick to hard rock deposits and gold ore deposits — so find your self an Oil Geology/ Gas Geology Specialist and they will likely confirm what I said — while deploring my imprecise language. But this is a family blog…

      Is fracking a problem? Can it contaminate well water? Maybe, maybe not.

  10. Sorry you are wrong- I worked in the oil and gas fields when I was younger and before I returned home to farm. I have a geological background. Fracking IS a problem, including in Alberta. I know the oil and gas industry wants you believe differently, but that is the reality. We routinely had to deal with water contamination based on our activities. Quietly of course, but big money can buy you a lot of silence.Yes you can get gas springs in many of the areas you mention – they are most noticeable in water springs in some areas that have an oil slick appearance. That only tells you that the gas is there, it has nothing to do with how it is gathered.

    Shale gas fracking in Ontario in in particularly vulnerable spots in relation to the Great Lakes water basin. As well the process of fracking involves sending large volumes underground to fracture the shale and release the gas. We understand very, very little about aquifers and it is not wrong to make a safe assumption we really don’t know what the heck we are doing. (Starting to sound like IWTs to you yet). The safety precautions we had to take as workers was rather significant. But then that crap was just sort of left in the environment. Some was retained and removed, but by no means even most of it.

    I also find your attempts to dismiss those who have had real impacts from fracking ironic given what victims of IWTs have had to go through to get any sort of legitimacy. You would think if nothing else through the process we are all going through fighting IWTs you might have gained a little skepticism of industry claims and the influence big money can bring to bear on individuals and communities.

    • Douglas:

      You said: Sorry you are wrong- I worked in the oil and gas fields when I was younger and before I returned home to farm. I have a geological background.

      What part of:
      Is fracking a problem? Can it contaminate well water? Maybe, maybe not. Did you not understand?

      You are beginning to sound like a panic artist yourself. Were you a worker or are you a geologist? Your arguments are beginning to sound like the global warming arguments — not the wind turbine issue. I prefer the investigative method.

      Regardless — this is a distraction — we can debate this on “The Oil Drum” if you wish… — and voting NDP will still not solve the issue. Their policies are clear. I wish you the best. Further discussion with you seems to be pointless as you are continuously wandering off into side issues.

      Read up on the Party Whip in Canada:

  11. I mention in passing that the so-called environmentalists at the Sierra Club are conveinantly ignoring the very real environmental damage that could be caused by their clinging to IWTs. Which is no distraction, but a statement as to how they are trying to manipulate public opinion. You then write a big long post attacking the legitimate concerns of shale gas fracking in which you imply through your entire post that fracking is a red herring, even suggesting that those bringing up concerns are faking them, you leave the distinct impression that it is meaningless, including your use of the conjunctive clause at the end and then you personally attack me for actually knowing something on an issue and try to make it about the NDP. Wow- just wow.

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