Collingwood group presents timely documentary based on the future of renewable energy

Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

COLLINGWOOD — Betty Schneider, Jan Minduik, and Rosemary Mesley will be hosting a showing of American filmmaker Laura Israel’s documentary Windfall at the Historic Gayety Theatre, Hurontario St. in Collingwood, Ontario.

On Sept, 8, local citizens are encouraged to attend one of the two viewings at 4 p.m. or 7 p.m. Tickets will be on sale for $5 each, all proceeds going towards the rental of the Gayety Theatre.

According to a news release, wind power is sustainable, burns no fossil fuels, produces no air pollution and cuts down dependency on foreign oil. That’s what the people of Meredith in upstate New York first thought when a wind developer looked to supplement the rural town’s failing economy. The documentary showcases the division of Meredith’s residents as they fight for the future of their community when faced with the arrival of the wind developers. Through interviews, and astonishing cinematography this documentary will add to your knowledge of wind turbines from both sides of the issue.

This situation is relevant to our own province and the upcoming Provincial Elections that will be scrutinizing the Liberal Green Energy Act. This act supersedes all other local levels of government in making decisions that affect landowners all over Ontario.

These three women are hoping you support their efforts to increase everyone’s awareness and knowledge of industrial wind turbine farms by attending a viewing of “Windfall” the Movie. Schneider, Minduik and Mesley are hoping all concerned citizens will come out no matter what side of the issue they are on, since it is extremely relevant viewing for all.

For more information, contact Betty Schneider at 705-428-2008, or by email: Tickets available at Art by Houghton 705-444-1212 in Collingwood, Stayner Home Hardware, Creemore Village Pharmacy and Clearview Nursery.