Bullet hole through wind opponent’s mailbox: Enough is Enough!

cour·age [kur-ij, kuhr-] noun   1.the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

The word ‘courage’ has become a distinct part of the vocabulary when talking about wind turbine projects. And isn’t that just crazy? Courage?  

Never before in a time of peace in this country have families had to fight so hard to retain their health and their homes. The McGuinty Liberals are decimating rural Ontario by enacting their personal green agenda with industrial wind turbines, and it’s all about money and power as everyone now knows.

We watch the ‘courage’ of Stephana Johnston, just one of the senior citizens who have been forced from her home because of the adverse effects from the wind turbines surrounding her. She travels the province making sure people know what the McGuinty government has done to her life and warning people to stop them before it is too late.

We watched as Norma Schmidt ‘courageously’ stood up in the legislature weeping for the MPP’s to stop calling her a NIMBY, to stop hurting her family and to stop trouncing on her good character.

We watch as a young man named Aaron, innocence lost who is now labeled as a detractor from progress and a roadblock in the proliferation of green energy as he quietly and ‘courageously’ travels the province. He and his mother have been forced from their home and are renting a second. They should be seriously and openly angry and yet they are a most gracious family, trying very hard to get this hurtful situation corrected in a most democratic way.

There are families who fought for years but finally abandoned their homes and those who were silenced, tied to non-disclosures and are now being forced to listen to a pre-election McGuinty tell Ontarians how proud he is of his 900 wind turbines. I can assure you those families are screaming inside from the hurt inflicted on them and some of them have suffered in ways that can never be undone.

We have health professionals with outstanding credentials who chose to believe the folk at ground zero who were having problems. While the government continues to boldly lie by claiming the Chief Medical Officer of Health says all is fine, this group of ‘courageous’ people have been steadfastly working at government and legal levels to change the despicable pattern of harm that has unfolded.

We have professional engineers who remember that they must protect the public above all else who have been writing reports and contributing information with the determination that all they have worked for in their lives must have some merit in stopping this twisted policy.

And of course we have probably the most courageous set of people.   Those in their communities that haven’t actually had a turbine built yet or the project approved but who are leading the way fighting this government. It is pretty hard to fight against something you haven’t actually experienced but these people are paying attention to what is happening and have the understanding that those affected or otherwise involved have no agenda or funding, they just want to stop the harm and protect their families and members of their community.

Included are those in the media who may be small in actual number but determined nevertheless. They have refused to follow in step with this government agenda and have  been reporting on all of the far-out claims made by the McGuinty government including the ridiculous notion that wind turbines are even a viable source of energy to begin with.

This trail of courageous people leads me to a horrifying fallout of this scandal. A bullet through the mailbox of the Gillis residence. As shown in the attached photos you will see the bullet appears to be a well-placed message. The mailbox stands in front of the horse paddock. Lorrie and Peter have horses, dogs, cats and chickens that regularly have run of their farm. And now we have a bullet being fired.

Did it scare the Gillis family? Damn right it did but also full of ‘courage’ they both continue to fight for the health and well-being of Ontario families. The Gillis family will continue helping the victims, helping the action groups, informing council members and working 24/7 to stop this insanity. This will not keep them from meetings, rallys and protests or keep them from letter writing and from helping others.

We also know of the torching and burning of a large “Stop the Wind Turbines” billboard sign on private property in another township and of many episodes of spray painted and stolen signs. These signs are expensive and no one on the ground is getting Trillium funding or grants of  any kind to help them protect their homes.

When the fight begins to be layered with vandalism and threats then you know this is a dirtier scandal than most people understand and when it comes to threatening verbally or by action then it’s time for this government to come clean.

Answer to this Dalton McGuinty! It is you who has created this serious conflict, so answer to it and tell the truth.

The people of Ontario are sick of your lies. They are sick of your negligence and of your continued denial. This is not a political issue. This is not about green. This is not about saving the planet and creating jobs. This is about Mr. McGuinty destroying the fabric of rural Ontario and putting people’s lives in danger. 

Barbara Ashbee
Orangeville, Ontario

24 thoughts on “Bullet hole through wind opponent’s mailbox: Enough is Enough!

  1. If anyone has the reason to do this…..it is not pro wind.
    It could have been a bunch of yahoos on a joy ride..like shooting at stop signs.
    You cannot call a bullet back…….this could have killed a person or someone’s pet.
    Stupid …..idiotic ….at least it wasn’t tragic

  2. God Bless the Gillis family, for courage far greater than the gutless individual(s),who fired the bullet, will ever know. Lorrie and Peter have been fighting for the rights of all Ontarions,oddly enough, including the perpetrater of this cowardly act, for a long time now.
    It`s time for McGuinty to fess up, before this gets any more out of hand, than it obviously is now.
    He`s got the O.P.P. out to our meetings, watching us, when perhaps they`d better start keeping a closer eye on the pro-wind side.
    There are obviously some real sickos out there!
    Take care Lorrie and Peter, and Thank You very much, for all your time and effort, fighting for all Ontarions. God Bless You.

  3. Sorry Ernest, I have not experienced a lot of yahoos joy riding with guns around rural farm country. It is strange that it is Lorrie Gillis writing and educating people about truth that happens to have a bullet hole in HER mailbox. Yes, you can put it down to random, but I do not happen to believe in random coincidence.

    • I am trying to walk around the possibility that they are trying to insight.
      This could be the poster child of our cause………… the mailbox …..

      “This is McGuinty’s Ontario for rural residents “

  4. When provincial leaders such as McGuinty and Duguid pit Ontario’s citizens against each other by labeling rural residents as NIMBYs, it is no surprise that someone will behave violently, as is the case here. Did the McGuinty Liberals think they were going to incite people to engage in civil debate when they eliminated democracy with their Greed Energy Act?

  5. Are the OPP making regular rounds of the Gillis home especially in the dead of the night hours
    1 am to 5 am?

  6. Wilkinson’s attitude of “participate or protest” is a dangerous attitude for any politician to promote. Dalton needs to listen to his constituents, not create civil unrest.

  7. There is a special place in heaven for those intolerant of self-serving public representatives who have forgotten who it is that they represent. Patriots defend against predatory multinationals who aim to dimish our rights, quality of our enviroment, health and wealth by Enron’s wind energy.

  8. Everyone should make sure your conservative candidate knows about this.
    This is what the GEA has done to Rural Ontario

  9. The PC party has promised a moratorium on wind turbine projects. Without a doubt, every PC candidate in rural Ontario has heard about the issues. Over a year ago, August 2010, Hudak said at the AMO that he would change the GEA to give control back to local representatives. Stick together and vote PC.

  10. Ernest, it’s our mailbox, it’s our farm, we live here and know what’s going on, had all our anti wind signs ripped down and stolen the week before, have had idiot (hyuck, hyuck, yep, talked to my buddy in Melancthon and he’s okay, hyuck so everyone else must be) pro-wind neighbours harass, yell and spin tires in front of our house and have taken all kinds of insinuation and insult personally and from letters to the editor from wind turbine sales agents like Roger Short, Robert Knox and Malcolm Hamilton. Your statement that a bullet hole through the mailbox is a random act and not linked to the wind issue puts me in mind of statements made from afar by this liberal government denying decimation of health and home from turbines experienced by Stephana, Norma, Aaron, Barb, Roger, Brent, Sandy, Glen, Theresa, Ted, Paul, Tracy and so many others all over this province.
    This was not random. The police checked and are driving by now. I used to love it here. We’ve been here for 20 years. I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about living here again but at least I am able to live here unlike some who have become industrial wind turbine refugees in their own province.

    • Lorrie , no one could be a bigger supporter of you than I am , And I think my stance speaks for itself , I am in your corner.
      Most people in the industry are intelligent people. Just as they know where we all live , they also know we more than likely know where they live. I don’t thnk they are stupid people. I would suggest visual security that can be recorded. Most of us have it. they can be placed from many directions which record plates and faces. and it doesn’t cost much today.

      • Thanks Rob……years ago when Enron was lobbying to price air and make it a commodity , if you asked someone on the street if they would pay for breathing air they would hit you with a stick and beat you to the ground.
        The power of media.
        What is going to happen to our childrens freedom ?

      • Freedom? There will not be any. The state will determine the dose when it should see fit. That is for the ones that survive. These plans have been in the works since the American revolution. George Orwell 1984 used to be mandatory reading in highschool that is until the demise of the Soviet Union, why do you think.

        Google “nenner war peace”

        Spare time watch these

      • And look what happened to Enron! Also took one of the largest auditing firms down with it.
        Why not just return to an to an agricultural exixtence and forget about the whole thing. No need for electricity then. Just live off the land. In that case lots of pople won’t be long on earth.

      • That is the plan
        We are so far up the ladder as a civiization, they intentionally want to cut some of the rungs below to intentionally make a bunch fall. The small blue planet can not sustain the exponential growth. We cant even look after our plastic trash. There is a heap o trouble on the horizon. Maybe the southern survivalist isnt so strange after all!

      • Ernest, I seriously doubt that any intelligent wind industry people, to use your words, would even think about being involved in this kind of illegal assault. I truly believe that even Mark Bell would be appalled by this crime.

        No, this cowardly act has all the hallmarks of being committed by an uneducated, mouth-breathing, lowlife. Goober is pissed because somebody is trying to take away his cash “entitlement” and now he’s afraid he may have to go back to working for a living in order to buy all those Du Maurier Kings and Timmy double-doubles. What a loser.

        Lorrie, I’ve only met you a few times but I know you and Peter will have the resolve to deal with this. Thanks for all your hard work.

  11. The developer and CWEA should discourage such behavior in the strongest terms. After all. they have more to lose than a mailbox if protesters ever abandon legal channels–and I’m really impressed that this hasn’t happened, in spite of passions. The only protest vandalism I’ve read about was in Michigan near Lake Huron where someone shot and disabled a wind turbine, which lost (transmission?) fluid. (I’m assuming Michigan’s was a protest shot, and not a random act by some idiot like the one who took out the “O” in my stop sign.)

  12. Oh boy! Bullets.
    Protest signs have been torn down, spray painted, set on fire and now it’s bullets in mail boxes.
    Our horse paddocks are close to the road.. Does this mean they’re threatened as well.

  13. The whole situation is scary. We are slated for a huge wind farm very near to our home. If that isn’t devastating enough, now we have to worry about the people who stand to make big money from this venture threatening us if we try to protest? It makes me wonder what country we are living in. We moved to the country to get away from industries that were polluting our environment. In our northeast Hamilton neighbourhood there were many babies born to people who had grown up in our area who developed cancer as children. My 15 year old daughter, and 16 year old niece were two of them, also our neighhbour’s child, and a girl in my daughter’s class , just to name a few. All of these children lost their lives, and as parents we were helpless to do anything to help them. When I became pregnant with another child, I was determined to get away from the smokestacks of the city, so we made, alot of sacrifices so that we could be surrounded by fields, trees, and fresh air living out in the country. For almost ten years we’ve been happy and felt safe. Now I feel devastated to think of the giant industrial turbines which threaten to ruin our peace, our health, our happiness, and what kind of government would force such things on innocent people? They tell us to protest on one hand, but assure us it will do no good anyway! Where do I go from here????

    • You have come to the right place , welcome.
      Seems your peace and happiness has been ruined already.
      Learn , educate others ….and make sure the Liberals never form a party again.
      If nothing else , start there and it will still be an uphill battle.

  14. Enron ..was based on deceit.
    As is cap and trade , as is alternate energy.
    We keep barking up the trees that have been marked for us to bark at.
    Power is the evil enemy.
    IWTs and solar will save the planet.
    The magic bullet.
    Those that question stand in the way of the very future of earth and are evil stupid people.
    I don’t agree

  15. I will do my best to fight this, I have no choice other than to lie down and let them destroy what we’ve struggled to build. The Liberals have got alot of nerve bragging about the mess they have made here in Ontario. I just hope the other parties have the will to turn this situation around. Money seems to talk, and it speaks much louder than the people who must suffer in order for the rich to get richer. I intend to scream about this to everyone I can. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t try as hard as I could to save my family, and my community.

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