Energy platforms of the political parties to date

So what are the energy platforms of the political parties to date? Below, some of the key points made by each party.  These are just short notes taken from the various political party handbooks. Please read the handbooks provided in the links to realize a complete picture of the energy vision of each political party.  (Thanks to Jane Z.)

The Liberals

  • According to recent news stories, the Liberals still wish to proceed with the 7 billion dollar deal with Samsung, but have shaved off 134 million dollars from the deal. The Premier recently announced 80 million dollars will be given for the construction of electric car recharging stations.
  • The Liberal party has not released a platform per se…but rather a document entitled: Our Plan.
  • From the energy section:

The Progressive Conservatives

The PC Energy Platform:
Summary of some points… please refer to the complete Changebook for all platforms, promises and details:

  • Will close down coal fired plants in Ontario by 2014 – will replace them with natural or biogas generation.
  • Will place a moratorium on industrial wind development until independent peer reviewed health and environmental impact studies have been conducted.
  • Will restore planning authority to the municipalities – planning rights with regard to industrial solar and wind projects were taken away from municipalities under the Green Energy Act.
  • Will rescind the existing large scale industrial FIT contracts.
  • Will cancel the Samsung deal.
  • Will eliminate the HST and Debt Retirement Charge from electricity bills.
  • Will end mandatory compliance with time of use meters.


The NDP Energy Platform.

Summary of some points.. again, please refer to the entire document in the link for details:

  • Will redirect money being spent on nuclear and invest it in home energy efficiency programmes.
  • Will phase out coal plants by the year 2014… but will keep them on emergency stand-by until it is assessed if the plants can be replaced by biomass.
  • Will not build any new nuclear reactors.
  • Will exceed the Liberal’s target for renewable energy. Will maintain FIT contracts for small and community based projects. New large renewable energy projects will be moved towards public ownership.
  • Will honour all existing renewable energy FIT contracts and deals including the Samsung agreement.
  • Will promote natural gas as a supplier of hydro with a target of 5000MW over the next 10 years.

The Green Party

Energy Platform:
Summary of some points.. please read the entire platform to flesh out this party’s vision:

The Green Party position on renewable energy as quoted from the handbook:

  • “The Green Party recognizes that a sensible energy policy prioritizes local ownership of power infrastructure. For example, rather than large-scale wind farms owned by foreign corporations, imposed against the will of the community, we need both the ownership and the profits of power projects under local control. This can take the form of community energy co-ops, private projects with local equity partners, or municipally owned power production. It is clear from other jurisdictions around the world that energy projects are more successful and supported when the community has a direct stake in the success of the project.
  • The Green Party supports policies to ensure that communities hosting energy projects share in the benefits. The direct benefits can be in the form of municipal revenues from energy sales, reduced energy costs from preferential municipal pricing, or direct profits to local owners, all of which recycle into the local economy.”
  • Will reinstate and expand home energy programmes.
  • Will pursue energy conservation through combined heat and power projects.
  • Will create a new hydro infrastructure – a smart grid.
  • End the dumb use of smart meters and support programs to help people use smart meters to save money on their electricity bills. We support using existing technology to help individuals and businesses use smart meters to measure their energy use in order to identify and verify savings.
  • Opposes the construction of new nuclear facilities.
  • Opposes back room deals such as the Samsung deal.
  • Will increase hydro generation and will purchase hydroelectricity from neighbouring provinces.

32 thoughts on “Energy platforms of the political parties to date

  1. There is no direct benefits from Alternate energy that pays 3 times more for wind and up to 15 times more for solar…so that is ludicrous.
    People cannot have local council decide on these issues…we are right back to where we started.
    Or we have to haul them out of their offices and ..well that wouldn’t be civil.
    We must have a referendom decision on a local level.
    At what point does anyone understand that for every turbines or solar panel put in in Ontario , you drive you power costs up ?

  2. New study reveals bleak reality of ‘green jobs’:
    “The UK’s headlong rush into renewable energy – one ignored by the rest of the world – will hit British jobs and then general incomes, an economic study finds.

    The report, The Myth of Green Jobs by economist Professor Gordon Hughes of Edinburgh University, examines the long-term impacts of subsidising expensive “green” renewable energy projects. It says that if the UK continues to do so, it will lose 2 to 3 per cent GDP a year for around 20 years.”

  3. David as always ….excellent.

    all we need is another 5000 IWTs….and the world is saved !
    I was really worried.
    But we have the answer and all the solutions.
    I’m going to build a nice huge cedar deck tommorrow and buy a wooodstove.
    All is well now.
    And a boat.

    • Ernest:

      If this was government funded you would install the deck, then burn it in the wood stove — after collecting subsidies for both. 😉

      • I have no worries , all the problems that I am told there are will be solved by paying 3 times more for wind and 12 to 15 times more for solar !……….life is good. Our backs are covered.
        We are in good responsible , ethical hands.
        I will stop my fight , and go home. And know , I am in good hands. McGuinty and Richard Sandor have it covered.
        I guess the eco groups won’t need any more of my money now. It can now go to something less important like heathcare , seniors pensions and education.
        We are saved !

  4. After re-reading the magazine article I think a direct link is worthwhile.

    After you read the policy statements — re-read the article. Then read the policy statements again… or whatever… After you have read — and re-read the articles and policy statements think about how you would change each platform. Think about whether their policies would achieve their stated goals. Do the parties actually have any goals (or objectives)? Or is it just policy with no stated end-game or goals? I think you can guess where this is going…


  5. they are not telling me what I feel needs to be done.
    We better stop regroup and really look at the energy direction.
    We are going to be screwed….by all the party’s……………if we continue with alternate energy
    The most reasonable is the green party….but ….we are still being snowed.
    Since when is energy going to solve the issues , I mean , the issues that they want as issues .
    We have to stop and rethink.
    We are spinning our wheels , with the tires they put on the car.
    Lets put our own tires on and move forward.
    Lets talk our issues , lets make our issues everyone’s, why do we keep embracing their issues on their terms ?
    Lets show the guy in a TO condo that has been sold on alternate energy because they care , and the people that pay 3 times more for soap because the label says it’s green when it isn’t how they are being misled and in fact create more pollution
    Lets show them how industry is playing with their children for their own gain.
    It’s time they were peeved off…………….rightfully so.
    We shouldn’t battle on health , or excess production
    Lets begin showing people that coporations are going to ba able to pollute more while people more for power

  6. Do these bloody Green Party and NDP’ers et al honestly think that families will now be safe if it is a “community” effort? What the hell is wrong with these people? I cannot stand this ignorance.

    What is it that these politicians don’t understand?
    God help me, I don’t want these people in charge of my province…I am scared….

  7. All of the parties are afraid to come right out and say most of the green energy schemes are either useless and/or scams. Too many voters still buy into the basic premise that we can get away from fossil/nuclear if only we Do Something.

  8. The Liberal Party just released their “plan”.

    I assess the energy section as talking points. It is not a plan as an engineer, designer or project manager thinks of a plan. There really aren’t even clear objectives/goals and assumptions — not that the PC’s, and NDP do much better — if at all. The Greens are somewhat better, but the objectives and goals are more in the political realm that anything that could tell you what the system would do.

    For people who wonder if conservation/efficiency will deliver — see the Roger Pielke links above.

    • The word “municipalities” never shows up once in the entire document. There will be no truce or move toward peace.

      • that’s my concern………… the battle should be fought on corruption , who benefits , who is connected , and corprate welfare and media spin to manipulate.
        No one likes to be treated like a fool.
        Fight this war on our terms not constantly refute their claims…..

  9. There is only one objective.
    Wash Ontarios hands of power responsibilities hand it to the private sector because that would mean lower prices through competition. It benefits us all. Then of course alternate energy will lower emissions , and aren’t we fortunate that we have so many foreign companies interested in investing in Ontario being paid 3 to 15 times the standard rates. ? We are blessed by their global social concern.
    We should all send thanks to McGuinty. A true visionary for the future………..

  10. McGuinty Liberal Economics!

    1st – ram the province into bankruptcy –
    then make election promises!
    McGuinty cannot make election promises.
    We’re broke!

    Debt clock running – 255 Billion Dollars +
    Ontario citizens, and shareholders of Ontario – can now accuse –
    McGuinty Liberals of mismanaging the affairs of the province.

    It’s simple math!
    Ontario is bankrupt – McGuinty Liberals should go!

    Election Day! – Oct. 6th
    Vote Conservative
    God Bless!

  11. The last word on the value of cheap, plentiful energy…

    The example used: Washing your jeans….

    Here’s what I had to do.

    1. Make a fire in the wood stove inside the cottage; that’s how I heat the place.
    2. Make a hole in the lake ice, using a hand auger and saw (the ice at the time was about half a meter thick, so using an axe would have been even more time consuming and inefficient).
    3. Draw pailfuls of ice-cold water by hand, and carry them into the cottage (we have running water in summer but not winter).
    4. Pour the cold water from the pail into a pot.
    5. Put the water-filled pot on the wood-fired stove.
    6. Wait for the stove to warm up and in turn warm the water.
    7. Pour the hot water from the pot into a hand-tub and put the jeans in, with a bit of biodegradable soap.
    8. Work the jeans by hand until I thought they were clean.

    This whole process took many hours of hard physical effort. Compare that work with what you do if you are washing your jeans in an electric powered washing machine:

    1. Put the jeans into the machine.
    2. Put soap in.
    3. Set your water level by pushing a button.
    4. Push the “On” button.
    5. Go and do something else, like read, while the machine is doing the work.

    enough said…

    • Steve Aplin’s latest from his blog:
      “Watch The Agenda with Steve Paikin tonight on TV Ontario. I will be there, along with the Ontario energy minister Brad Duguid, Conservative energy critic John Yakabuski, NDP critic Peter Tabuns, and Green Party critic Steve Dyck”

  12. The Agenda will be discussing Ontario energy issues tomorrow,Wed.,at 8PM.

  13. More fodder for the mill:–greens-schreiner-struggles-for-visibility-as-campaign-kicks-off?bn=1

    “A vote for the other parties will only result in more of the same. If you think that fairness, integrity, and respect for our communities belong at Queen’s Park, we think just like you do.”

    Of course that fairness and respect demands wind turbines everywhere. (not to mention money-sucking Solar Panel subsidies…) Doesn’t it?

    I hope that people who inhabit this blog — regardless of their politics have formulated questions for the campaigners, have written them down are prepared to ask tough questions at rallies and meetings.

    Perhaps people even want to suggest some questions here so that people can work on them, enhance them and improve the questions so that they get to the heart of the matter.

    Plan your questions in advance!

  14. give everything back to ontario hydro,they helped making ontario what it used to be.the last governments just put us back a small 100 years.

  15. All the major parties agree that a large amount of the cost of electricity should be shifted from ratepayers to taxpayers (now and in the future by way of the deficit). The parties disagree on the details, but not the principle.

  16. 60% of Ontarians live paycheque-to-paycheque

    And yet The (Red) Star supports the Liberals because they cannot make the obvious connection to the cost of energy…–60-of-ontarians-live-paycheque-to-paycheque?bn=1

    In the survey, 50 per cent of employees nationally and 53 per cent in Ontario reported they are saving 5 per cent or less of net earnings.

    Financial advisors recommend that workers put 10 per cent into savings, said the association, which consists of professionals administering company payrolls and deductions.

    A total of 2,070 employees responded to the survey between July 6 and Aug. 2, using something called a convenience sampling methodology.

    Hey McGuinty is making welfare better and easier — no sweat.

    …and you can always leave Canada permanently then come backs as an Immigrant — and share the grant with your new employer… kinda like “job sharing” in the Maritimes — just a little more complicated. No Sweat!

    What a tangled web we weave when we endeavor to deceive…

    • Vanier Institiue of the Family (research group) claims that
      the average Canadian family is $100,000 in debt (2011), so
      its quite surprising that only 60% of Ontarians live paycheque
      to paycheque.

  17. This article might suggest a few questions…
    The laws of supply and demand may be about to deal a nasty blow to electric vehicle (EV) battery makers over the coming decade, as high government expectations and low EV sales combine to carve a number of unlucky manufacturers out of the market.

    “There’s definitely a shakeout on the way,” noted Dave Hurst, senior analyst for Pike Research, in a Design News interview. “There are just too many players vying for too few pieces of the pie.”

    Experts believe the shakeout could begin as early as in the next two years. Worldwide capacity of lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries is expected to reach 30GWh in the middle of this decade, while demand for the batteries ranges from 2GWh to 20GWh, according to figures from Lux Research, Inc., an independent research firm that has studied the electric vehicle market.

    Why are we “investing in electric vehicle and battery technology if nobody (much) wants electric cars.

    Just a thought…???

  18. Read this too — you might think of even more questions to ass potential MPPs and Premiers…

    The Liberal leader believes his tax credit for businesses who give skilled new Canadians work experience will improve the ratio of foreign educated immigrants gaining Ontario certification (currently only one in four work in the field in which they trained).

    Mr. McGuinty also has a vision for Ontario, where the province replicates its success as North America’s biggest auto producer by becoming the continent’s largest manufacturer of renewable energy equipment. In the McGuinty universe, this is achieved not by market forces but by government fiat. The problem is things don’t happen just because politicians want them to — ask Michael Ignatieff, who wanted to become Prime Minister.

    I said QUESTIONS — not RUDE Comments — though Lord knows I can think of a few!

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