MNR allows damaging preconstruction activity at Ostrander Point

During the week of August 29, 2011 and continuing on the Labour Day weekend, significant activity was reported at Ostrander Point, the proposed site of Gilead Power’s wind project.  Upon investigation, it was determined that a company called X-Tech Explosive Decontamination Inc. had established a work station there.
This company has been contracted by Defence Construction Canada, a Crown corporation, to survey for and remove any unexploded ordnance remaining from Ostrander Point’s use for training during World War II.  According to the contract, the activity is clearly in preparation for and support of construction for the wind energy facility.
We were assured previously by both the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) that no work would be permitted on the site unless and until both the access road application and the Renewable Energy Application (REA) had been approved.  To date, there have been no such approvals.
MNR has issued a permit resulting in significant disturbance of the site by X-Tech, including the clearing of vegetation and the creation of parking areas, an administrative area, new roads and storage areas which are in addition to the locations where Gilead’s proposed access road, turbines, transformer station and other parking lots are planned.
Neither Gilead’s draft construction plan nor MNR’s environmental assessment and categorization took into account these additional disturbances.  The cumulative impacts to the Ostrander Point property continue to mount.
MNR and MOE are not following their own processes.   Both ministries are eroding further any remaining credibility they had regarding protection of the natural environment.
We believe that all disturbances on the site should be halted until a final decision has been made by MNR on the access road application and by MOE on the REA application.
We urge the community to call or write:
·         Leona Dombrowsky, our local MPP at 613-962-1144,
·         Linda Jeffery, Minister of Natural Resources at 905-495-8030,
·         John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment at 800-461-9701,
Orville Walsh
County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy

4 thoughts on “MNR allows damaging preconstruction activity at Ostrander Point

  1. Shame on our government and shame on Gilead. This arrogant attitude doesn’t help them to appear to have any concern at all about what might stand in their way …. people, endangered species …. get out of the way we have turbines to put up.

  2. There is no magic bullet….but what can help is ensure the demise of this party and ensure that never hold office again..ever
    You can write letters but they will be ignored
    These are the people you are dealing with.
    Tell your friends , your neighbours , anyone you see walking down the street. Go door to door. Talk to everyone anywhere you can. Convince the Convenience store employee.
    First and foremost show all the political parties what it means when a Liberal party betrays it’s voters.
    Wipe them out………… will send a clear message, but it won’t solve the problem. But it’s a start , we need a recall and referendom system in Ontario…the Liberals did promise a referendom vote on rasiing taxes…..but they didn’t keep that promise either

  3. I have a question:
    Has the local council sent out a ‘press release’ – or, called an emergency council meeting –
    denouncing the MNR permit?

    I do not see this project being pushed through –
    ‘by government regulation’.

    Therefore – council has done nothing – concrete – to stop it. Period.
    And – that’s the way it is!

  4. Why hasn’t the Minister of Natural Resources intervened here like she has in Thunder Bay? Is it just because Bill Mauro is in such deep trouble in this election, only winning by the skin of his teeth in the last one?

    We should all contact the minister and ask her to reject this project and any other project that infringes on endangered species.

    Constituency Office 380 Bovaird Drive East, Unit 13
    Brampton, ON L6Z 2S7 Tel: (905) 495-8030 Fax: (905) 495-1041

    Ministry of Natural Resources 6th Floor, Whitney Block 99 Wellesley Street West
    Toronto, ON M7A 1W3
    Toll Free: 1-800-667-1940

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