Hydro One explains existing safety and reliability problems with renewable energy hookups

An explanation of the stray voltage, power surges, uncontrollable utilities – with the potential to harm “residents, employees and electrical equipment” MAY (if we’re real lucky) be solved with Smart meters.

15 thoughts on “Hydro One explains existing safety and reliability problems with renewable energy hookups

  1. Why a cartoon? methinks!… These are simple concepts easy to explain — then a light comes on our Minister of Energy, our Minister of the Environment, Our Premier Dalton McGuinty — nothing more need be said…. cartoons explained — good call Ontario Hydro. But!… Maybe dumb it down just a tad more — make the thickness difference more obvious. Get a Grade 6 math book — explore the concepts — see if you can find some teaching methods the teaching methods more obvious… and above all — keep it simple. Then they might get it…. awwww never mind — we should have new ministers soon.

    Maybe a cereal commercial should be embedded…

  2. Here’s where I have a problem though, and have a touch of sympathy for Hydro (a touch). Our government writes directives for the OPA to give contracts to wind companies, whether there is capacity for them in the lines or not. In many cases, such as down here in the Lambton-Middlesex area, there isn’t any room for these grand ventures. We have tonnes of solar panels sitting unused in the fields here, can’t get hooked up. We have over 500 wind turbines proposed for this riding, and no room for any of it. But they get the OPA contracts, they get the rubber stamp of approval from the MOE…and then what? Well, then Hydro is supposed to “make it happen”. Well logistically it must be a nightmare, but safety wise, this is huge, otherwise, why would they put a movie out to the public explaining stray voltage, power surges and line failures that could kill people? I think they are the ones being left holdign the bag– the ones who have to say “uh, no can do!”.
    It’s obvious by all the willy-nilly changes here and there in the last couple years, that there isn’t any intelligent plant for wind/solar. The gov’t can’t make it’s mind up, and they are playing with electricity, not exactly the most forgiving medium. I’d hate to work for Hydro right now, dealing with the knuckleheads in government. Who’s going to get blamed if somebody is killed by a live wire? Haven’t we all heard a wind rep say that stray voltage is “Hydro’s problem, not wind”? And what about all those blown out appliances in these wind developments? Who gets the phone call for replacements? Hydro One. Directives be damned – safety first, and I couldn’t agree more.

  3. I’m surprised to see this video!
    Hydro One telling it like it is!

    Hydro One – no longer the transmission planner – is speaking out!
    A directive from the Honourable Energy Minister (?)
    dismissed them from the planning authority position.
    Hydro One now marches to the orders of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

    In the past – the proponent – paid full cost to hook up to the grid.
    Not anymore!

    Another directive redirected – the costs – to the Ontario citizen – ratepayers.

    And, because – the OPA – is signing numerous private contracts – then Hydro One –
    has to hook them up to the grid – this video from Hydro One – points to
    a problem on the grid.

    Ontario citizens should take a serious look at this video.

    At least, that’s the way I see it.

    p.s. Recently, our home had a hydro glitch. I noticed the TV went off –
    our computers went down – and, it appeared the entire home was shut down.
    But – not so – the stove remained on.
    Interesting! I have no explanation.

    • Introducing -The McGuinty’s

      In Ottawa!
      Bro Dave – Fa – La – La – La – La – La – La – La -La
      the intelligent one!
      – what?

      TV Ad: Together – we can achieve so much!

      …..treat as an emergency!
      Vote Conservative – Oct 6th
      God Bless!

      • One of the other videos that come up after you view that one is a rant by hisself DM that IT jobs are moving out of the country. Surprise surprise. Those IT jobs are dependent on reasonable energy rates.

        Maybe we need more “windmills” — that will give us cheaper electricity! Yeah!

        Dumb, dumber and dumbest meet Doofus the Slow. The New Liberal Energy movie. Yuk!

        Smart Technology is moving their whiteboard production to Mexico (from Ottawa area). Surprise!

    • How comforting!
      We’ll all be in hospitals – suffering from some unknown syndrome –
      while our homes are burning down to the ground – because the
      ‘smart meter’ malfunctioned.

      They call this ‘modernization’ – it’s smart!

    • Brenda:

      That estimate would have to be based on an estimated amperage…. That amperage would be based on the instantaneous supply/draw on the line — averages don’t work with those calculations. Since most of the amperage is based on the Solar Noon when dealing with Solar Power installations then it would be interesting as we would now need a network more suitable for a high capacity/high power draw industrial park spread throughout Ontario. Wind Turbine output is essentially random — but again you must be able to handle the maximum amperage/power within the capability of the wind machine groups or the lines heat up — and eventually break or melt… Transformers are another similar issue as they must be installed or upgraded…

      This would certainly allow us to consider putting new industry and residential development on farmland as the big issue is always power draw. You see those nice new thick lines can deliver power both ways… We would need water of course — but we could just put in more wells — lots of water down there. Roads are easy to construct…

      Sometimes environmentalists just don’t think things through…

      But… hopefully everyone will be happy as the complete industrialization of Southern Ontario can now proceed apace.

      Oh happy day!

    • In the States electric transmission lines cost $1 – $2.5 million /mile. Likely about the same cost here but convert ot KMS for cost/KM. High voltage lines probably in the $2.5 M range. Ordinary low voltage lines that run down streets and roads would cost a lot less.
      http://www.icecap.us has “Our least sustainable energy option” WIND. Lines for renewable energy transmission will cost a great deal of money.

    • Maybe this explains the difficulty of the Liberal Cabinet in understanding these issues…

      The study found that children who played a game using numbers for about an hour scored higher on four numerical tasks than children who played the game using colours. The gains remained nine weeks later.

      Clearly the members of the Liberal cabinet had a deprived childhood. But we, as loyal citizens, can surely see the value of some remedial work for Cabinet Ministers. Why Not? If we can allocate $10,000 each to hire a new immigrant — while ignoring native Ontarians out of work — surely (for argument’s sake) a $1000 grant to allow Cabinet Ministers some time for remedial 3R’s would be a welcome investment. Just think of how governance could improve.

      So if we can get Hydro to invent a version of “Snakes and Ladders” that has “Power Traps” on it and making lots of simple calculations, and, we can persuade the members of Cabinet to not only watch the cartoon video, but, to play various numbers game for an hour a day… It might then be possible to explore the flaws in their Green Vision of Energy and the Future with them. It could level the playing field in the ability to hold a reasonable discussion — so to speak.

      This is a follow-on from my comments that most Green Energy supporters really need to brush up on their Grade Six level math skills.

      Just sayin’ — and only partly tongue in cheek (tic). 😉


    • Hey Ed,
      I won’t cry for him when he’s gone!

      Vote Conservative!

    • a few years ago we got replies back, I think from Slitherman, that stray voltage only harms animals not people

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