Where’s John Wilkinson?

Protesters at Liberal event by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

Local Liberal candidate Kevin Eccles’ campaign got off to a rocky start on Wednesday night (September 7) as anti-wind turbine protesters surrounded a fundraising event held in Meaford and provincial Environment Minister John Wilkinson didn’t show up.

After about an hour of protesting Eccles came out from the Hall in an effort to engage and speak to the protesters.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Where’s John Wilkinson?

  1. He’s somewhere! – that’s for sure!

    Chasing Wilkinson! – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    ….on the road, practicing –
    Baby! ‘you can’t catch me’

    ‘if you get to close –
    I’m gone like a cooooool breeeeeze’ – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Okay! – Another Liberal ‘wannabe rock star’!

    Vote conservative – Election Day – Oct. 6th
    God Bless!

    • Wilkinson was likely double-booked with his other MIA buddy, useless Rick Johnson.

      Lame duck Wilkinson can duck walk is way into oblivion on October 6 (with appologies to Chuck Berry).

    • If it is happening there……betcha its happening here too, Such a large influx of money with very little control. I guess those CEO’s didnt know how to backfeed non solar electricity back into the inverter to make extra money.

    • Thanks, MA. Hmmmmm. The price of solar panels has dropped 40% due to Chinese imports. Wonder how many MicroFit folks feel screwed over now?!

      I admit it. I was on the pro-Obama train when he ran in 2008 and he’s had a tough road due to the economy, etc. However, when one reads that one of his campaign people was also an investor in the company that is now seeking bankruptcy protection AND received over $500 M in stimulus moneys ya gotta wonder what kind of creative cookin’ was going on in the background.

      Green energy all right. As in the color of money. As in Greed.

    • MA – in addition to……………
      Ding! Dong! – NextEra calling!
      But the Obama administration has doubled-down on its investments in the industry. The Energy Department finalized last week an $852 million loan guarantee for a separate California solar project sponsored by NextEra Energy. Earlier in August, DOE finalized a $197 million loan guarantee for solar manufacturing facilities in Oregon and California.

      p.s. The Energy Department said Wednesday that it is “disappointed” that Solyndra is shutting down its manufacturing operations, but added, “We continue to believe the clean energy jobs race is one that America can, must and will win.”

      From your link Barbara:
      First Solar customer gets $455.7 million in financing for Ontario projects

      NextEra will sell the power generated by the solar panels to the Ontario Power Authority. NextEra’s projects will be a 50-megawatt solar farm in the Ontario towns of Amherstburg, Belmont, and Walpole, and 40-megawatt solar farm in St. Clair.

      Fred Hochberg, the bank’s chairman, said the financing was needed because without it the project could not obtain loans in the commercial lending marketplace.

      The Ontario Power Authority has lined up 20-year power purchase agreements for the electricity generated by the solar fields that will be created by the projects.http://www.istockanalyst.com/business/news/5395529/first-solar-customer-gets-455-7-million-in-financing-for-ontario-projects

      Get Rid of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)!

      • related to the above article…………
        Friends helping friends!

        Solyndra spokesman David Miller said in an email to Bloomberg News that the company is likely to file for Chapter 11 protection in Delaware on Sept. 7 as it evaluates options including selling itself or licensing its technology, and that all of its employees have been dismissed.

        The company had raised nearly $1 billion in private equity financing as well as getting a $535 million loan from the U.S Department of Energy in 2009.

        p.s. Get Rid of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

      • U.S taxpayers will pay $455.7 million to manufacture solar panels so NextEra can get Ontario high solar FIT prices to be paid by Ontario Hydo bill payers. Great deal if you can pull it off.
        No connections between Washington & Queen’s Park?

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