McGuinty’s green bubble ready to pop

by John Ivison, National Post
NEWMARKET, ONT. — Dalton McGuinty’s political antennae were up as he toured the new Flextronics solar panel plant, when he side-stepped an offer to wear a hairnet in front of the cameras, thus avoiding what is known in the business as the “Gilles Duceppe doofus shot.”

Strange then that his instincts deserted him when he agreed to highlight his green energy plan for the second day running. Liberal polling obviously shows that people like the idea of wind and solar power, particularly when wrapped in the rhetoric of Ontario becoming a market leader in green manufacturing. The visit also offered up the opportunity for the Premier to monger some fear in front of the Flextronics workforce. The opposition parties are “a real threat to this industry and, sorry to say, your jobs,” he said. Both the Progressive Conservatives and NDP say they will end the generous rates being offered to producers by the government under the feed-in-tariff (FIT).

10 thoughts on “McGuinty’s green bubble ready to pop

    • Hey Ben,
      You keep posting this.
      Obviously you’ve investtigating the pollster, and can shed some light.
      Let’s here it!

      A new poll by Harris/Decima suggests………………..

  1. All other polls reflect a PC lead. This is an anomaly, and I don’t even have to say what else I am thinking.
    It sure is getting a lot of air time……….

    • The Premier is oblivious to what’s happening in the solar panel industry around the world and so it seems the workers at this plant are also in a state of denial.

      • I don’t believe McGuinty is oblivious to what’s going
        on, he is just beyond the point of no return with his
        green fantasy.
        By the way, most photo’s of Dalton seem to capture
        that ‘doofus’ look, hairnet or not.

  2. “The opposition parties are “a real threat to this industry and, sorry to say, your jobs,”
    Because Dalton was the only one willing to fund these “green charity” jobs.

  3. The largest solar panel retailer in Australia, Solar Shop, has just been placed into receivership.

    • Fantastic comments by Laurie Scott. I’ve been waiting for a PC candidate to make a strong, succinct argument, on their position.
      I found this to be it.
      Thank you for the link

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