Wind turbines churn rural votes

by John Spears, Toronto Star

KINCARDINE – Standing beside her solar paneled roof, with fields of soybeans stretching across the Bruce County countryside, Jutta Splettstoesser explains her commitment to wind energy.  A few miles north, standing in front of the wind turbine that she says has destroyed her health, Norma Schmidt explains her determination to halt wind power in its tracks. Read article

11 thoughts on “Wind turbines churn rural votes

  1. Go back and read the last paragraph of the Windyleaks Week 4 e-mail of Apr.26,2010.
    Key data gap is missing. No actual sound measurements were ever done and etc. But this is no problem for them. Just use whatever available “evidence”/studies from elsewhere to “paper” over the fact that no actual studies were done here. So what! Case closed and just move on with IWT installations. Who will ever find out anyway

    • It’s difficult to believe and hard to accept that such unethical behavior took place. No thought was given to the people who were made ill by having to live near IWTs.

    • Again refering to the Apr.26,2010 e-mail, in my view, the change from the word NOISE to SOUND is a deceptive move. There are also other issues in this e-mail should be dealt with.

  2. If I hear one more time its about those making money and those who aren’t I am going to blow a freakin gasket!
    This is about being forced from your home Mr. Spears NOT MONEY.
    This is not a fun game about who is louder between Spletstoesser or Schmidt.
    This is SERIOUS. Did you even hear what Norma Schmidt said to you?
    This isn’t her getting on the election bandwagon. She has been trying to tell her story for 2 years but no one will listen and there were also many others in the crowd who were also having serious problems and some who had also been forced from their homes but no one ever seems to tell the entire story.
    Jeez….Is there anyone out there who really gives a damn……………anyone?

  3. I understand your frustration, snowball. I still remember the conservative MPP at Queen Park who came out to speak to us said, “If a problem isn’t recognized it doesn’t exist.” The Conservatives have been trying to put forward the issues of Industrial Wind Turbines for years now. We need the Conservatives making the decisions, not endless years of ignorant Liberals trying to ignore or antagonize citizens. No more people need to suffer or be forced to abandon their homes.

    • Ontario citizens do not need a:
      NDP politician ‘green’ speech on – ‘I feel your pain’ !!!!!!!!!!!

      McGuinty Liberals = more of the same.

      Ontario citizens need a politician with common sense, and holds true –
      to ‘traditional values’. Period.

      Ontario is bankrupt!

      Vote Conservative!
      Election Day – Oct. 6th
      God Bless!

  4. Firstly, Jutta does not speak for me!
    She does not represent my religious beliefs!
    This lunatic has over stepped – and should – ‘Shut Up”!

    Jutta Splettstoesser explains her commitment to wind energy.

    Her support for green energy is largely ethical:
    “We are all just visitors on earth and we should behave like it,” she says. “Even if you don’t believe in climate change, use some common sense and use our limited resources respectfully. What gives us the right to use coal, oil, gas uranium in large quantities if there are alternatives out there that make sense?”

    I think her statement speaks for itself!

    Vote Conservative!
    Election Day – Oct. 6th
    God Bless!

  5. There’s only one candidate flatly opposed to IWTs in Huron-Bruce or anywhere – Grant Robertson.

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