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Laurie Scott

by Laurie Scott, My Kawartha
Re: Don’t turn the clock back on clean energy
I want to assure the residents of Kawartha Lakes that this editorial opinion on the Ontario PC Party’s energy policy couldn’t be further from the truth.  First of all, the number one priority of the PC party when it comes to energy is making sure that it is affordable for all Ontario families.

During the last eight years, the people of Ontario have seen their energy bills skyrocket due in large part to Dalton McGuinty’s expensive, subsidized energy projects. We will provide families with relief from their energy bills and our first step to achieving this goal is to remove the Provincial portion of the HST from home heating and hydro bills. These initiatives will save the average Ontario family $275 annually.

Secondly, your editorial implies that giving local municipalities more power in deciding about clean energy projects is a bad thing. The PC party feels that local municipal governments should play an important role when deciding what major energy projects are going to be set up within their town or city.

Instead of overriding local concerns, by allowing bureaucrats in downtown Toronto to decide where they want to put industrial wind farms, we want to work with municipalities to ensure that future energy projects are done with the consent of the local governments. Many homeowners in this riding are on the front lines of this battle as they watch their accumulated wealth in their home values plummet; yet another example of Dalton McGuinty’s total disregard for rural Ontario.

Thirdly, your editorial says that we should consider the possibility of losing green energy jobs if the PC party is elected. We cannot continue to pursue green energy policies that unnecessarily drive up the cost for consumers and have punitive results on the broader economy. Other jurisdictions that offered massive subsidies to energy providers are walking away from the practice, because they know it’s not affordable for consumers and it’s actually killing jobs.

Texas, Spain and Italy all found they were paying over $1 million per subsidized job, while at the same time killing as many as seven jobs in the broader economy because businesses just couldn’t afford the skyrocketing bills. Dalton McGuinty’s Samsung deal will have a negative impact on small businesses around the province.
Finally, according to your editorial, your biggest concern is that Ontario will become a province with a reputation for being opposed to technology and innovation. The PC party recognizes that our energy supply has to keep up with Ontario’s growing population. We can meet Ontario’s energy needs by pursuing proven, clean solutions like hydro, natural gas and nuclear.

Any future investments that the PC party makes in the energy sector will be done with the most rigorous safety and environmental standards in the world. Our position is that future renewable energy projects will proceed through an open and fair process that will respect local decisions and demand affordability. We can embrace technology in the renewable energy sector and meet the needs of Ontario families without handing out millions in government subsidies.

Laurie Scott
Ontario PC Candidate
Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock

2 thoughts on “PC Candidate defends policy

  1. Thank You Laurie, for setting the record straight on these issues. I was extremely upset when I read that editorial in Lindsay,oops, sorry, Kawartha Lakes This Week. I beleive I commented on this site, about the obvious bias of ‘This Week’, being owned as they appear to be, by Torstar (the Liberal mouthpiece?).
    Your letter in response, is extremely well written, and removes any doubt about your sincerety and ability to represent all the citizens of the riding of Haliburton,Kawartha Lakes, Brock.
    It sure is going to be nice, to have you back in your seat where you belong! We`ve missed you Laurie! This riding needs you! Ontario needs you!
    Thanks Again Laurie.

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