Thoughts on Political Integrity

by Steve Bihari, Meaford Independent
There are many virtues to define one’s character, but when it comes to politicians perhaps integrity should carry the most weight. After all, is integrity not the foundation for trust?  With that in mind, I would like to bring your attention to a headline in the Owen Sound paper titled, “Eccles refuses to support moratorium on wind projects”.

As a strong opponent of wind turbines I have been following the issue closely for some time. Closely enough to know that as Mayor of West Grey, Mr. Eccles and Council fully support a moratorium on future wind projects.

This stance is captured in a Jan. 13, 2010 letter, and Resolution, addressed to all provincial ministers, MPP’s, MP’s and local municipalities in Ontario. It states “As Mayor of the Municipality of West Grey, on behalf of the Council and citizens of West Grey, I am calling upon the Province of Ontario to place an indefinite moratorium on industrial wind turbines in the Municipality of West Grey and other Ontario municipalities.”

Mr. Eccles has held this position through to his re-election as Mayor by reiterating his stance in all three of the election candidates meetings.

However, his campaign for MPP has taken a much different turn, which is unabashed support for the Liberal party’s “green” energy plan, completely detracting from his prior position. Read the Jan. 13 letter and resolution, then the article referenced; along with a similar one in the Meaford paper. You’ll be perplexed.

In Meaford, during his campaign fund raiser, Eccles is quoted as saying “[that he] supports the democratic process, and the Green Energy Act itself.”

How can that be? The GEA flies smack in the face of democracy. Those following the wind issue know this. I will give him some credit though, for at least passively acknowledging that “it needs some adjustments”, as he would like to see more pre-consultation with the municipality.

Mr. Eccles goes on to state, “The wind issue is one issue, but the province of Ontario is made up of considerably more. There are a lot of education issues, there’s a lot of health issues, senior issues and all of that.”

That’s true of course. But, wouldn’t it make much more sense if the billions in taxpayer dollars, slated for wind and solar subsidies, would stay within the province to be spent on hospitals, schools or, let’s say, debt retirement? Unfortunately, the sad reality is that this money is instead conveniently finding its way to the bottom line of faceless multi-national “corporate welfare” recipients.

In closing, I recall a quote made by Mr. Eccles shortly after winning the Liberal nomination. Something to the effect of, “it’s the individual, not the party [people vote for]”.

If that’s indeed the case Kevin, maybe now’s a good time to clarify your true position on a wind turbine moratorium and the Green Energy Act.


Steve Bihari, Neustadt

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Political Integrity

  1. Funny how things work, in the world of Lying Liberal politics, isn`t it Steve?
    Integrity is a word, seldom seen in the same sentence as the word Liberal. And when it is, it refers to the lack of or total absence of, any degree of integrity.
    This is especially true, unfortunately for Ontario, of McGuinty Liberals.
    He MUST be defeated! Then the Liberal party can start to rebuild, from the ground up, to once again be a viable option.

    • If business is chased out of Ontario due to high energy costs there won’t be much money for education and health care. Business gone and jobs gone and money gone to support the above. The already lost Ontario jobs and busineses reduced the tax base and so taxes had to be raised to make up for these loses.

  2. Mr. Eccles justifies the fact that he is ignoring concerns about wind power by stating that there are so many other issues to consider in the province, not just wind. In propaganda this technique is called “dismiss by numbers.” He’s minimizing the problem by implying it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things. We’ll see how well this works for him in just a few weeks !

  3. And this from the same paper this morning:

    In a media release, the Eccles campaign said that keeping the Province’s commitment to clean energy, is creating 50,000 jobs and has already provided opportunities for 20,000 farmers who have applied for MicroFIT contracts — with almost 11,000 already turning on cleaner sources of power like wind and solar.

    Either McGuinty is writing Kevin’s press releases, or he’s been briefed with a copy of the Sussex memo :O


    • Anyone who is running for elected office who does not understand simple basic economics should never be elected. High energy costs in Ontario will destroy the tax base and thus reduce needed services like education and health care due to lack of money. The people left in Ontario will not be able to provide the needed tax money for services so services will have to be reduced or some eliminated.

  4. Just like the Dump Site 41 issue — the county’s elected township reeve Guergis campaigned to stop it – and then when elected completely reversed himself and ran a campaign to sell it to privately held water corporation Genivar. Guergis’ relatives all have subsequently gone down to defeat.

    It is so important that newspapers print the informed facts.

    When Toronto Street News printed the facts and distributed thousands of copies to Shelburne and Orangeville residents they had big-time rallies to oppose the 2300 acres of potato growing land into a hole in the ground no longer paying taxes forever.

    Now, I have my car exploded Sept. 3 in my Toronto office. I support reporters who can report facts and make some conclusions while they are at it.

    — Victor / Toronto Street News / 13th year

    • Do you mean, someone intentionally, exploded your car Victor? As in ‘blown up’/ bombed?
      Due to something they disagreed with in your paper,Toronto Street News?(Dump site 41?)
      If so, that`s obviously getting wayyyyy overboard and I hope and pray the police get the nutbar locked up, pronto!
      I`ve a great deal of respect for journalists like yourself, who aren`t afraid to take on tough issues, and tell it like it is. That stick up for the little guy and for what`s right. To hell with the establishment. Keep up your good work Victor! It`s greatly appreciated .
      P.S. What would it cost, to print the facts about IWTs,and Liberal Lies(not all of course, as that would consume, far too much paper) and distribute it to voters, before the election?
      Just wondering?

  5. Yes, the fire marshals and police detectives were on the scene to erect a Crime Scene yellow ribbon around my totally burnt out 2010 Impala. I escaped the explosion by seconds.

    We ran stories about the 2300 acres of prime potato growing land at Shelburne that will be turned into a hole in the ground. The two towns had meetings and protests at Queen’s Park. The multi-billion dollar Boston hedge fund was told by McGuinty that there would finally be an environmental study (two years duration). Next day, after burying my Fergus family farm uncle I drove to Toronto office and got the car blown up the next morning.

    I’m too old to do this any more. Yes the truth could be printed — not that much — currently i spend my pension money to pay for printing these days.

    — Victor / Toronto Street News

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