Lost green jobs small price for cheaper hydro, Hudak says

by Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
LONDON, ONT.—Lost green energy jobs are a small price to pay for cheaper electricity bills, says Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.  Hudak has been campaigning for the kind of jobs “you can buy a house with” but was unapologetic Tuesday when he said he’d kill the Liberal government’s $7 billion, 16,000-job green energy deal with Samsung — and 200 local jobs along with it.

“We can’t afford it,” he said on Newstalk 1290 CJBK, referring to the controversial pact with the South Korean manufacturing giant, which he blames for rising electricity rates as Ontario heads toward the Oct. 6 election. “Higher hydro bills kill jobs.”

Under the deal, Samsung and its partners are to invest $7 billion in green energy in Ontario — including plants in London, Windsor, Tillsonburg and Toronto — and create 16,000 jobs. The company is to receive $110 million in taxpayer subsidies over 25 years. The deal was revised in August amid political pressure.

Last week Samsung executives appeared with Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty in London to announce the new 200-employee plant that will make solar modules panels in the city, which is struggling with a 9.1 per cent unemployment rate.

But Hudak said the Samsung deal is too high a price to pay to keep that plant, reiterating his promise to scrap the agreement.

“I won’t be signing these pie-in-the-sky contracts that are driving up hydro rates through the roof. One thing that kills jobs – expensive energy. The higher energy rates go, the less money people have to spend in the economy, and businesses don’t have the confidence to hire.”

At a Scarborough solar factory, McGuinty was incredulous at Hudak’s comments on Samsung.

“We’re talking about jobs here,” said McGuinty, flanked by scores of workers from Eclipsall Energy Corporation, which has created 100 jobs thanks to the Green Energy Act subsidies. McGuinty is promising the act and the Samsung deal will create 50,000 jobs by the end of next year, including 20,000 already in the pipeline.

“What is the financial cost of getting out of that (Samsung) contract to taxpayers? What is the cost to our reputation in the global economy as the Ontario government turns its back on a signed deal,” he said.

“But most importantly there’s a terrible cost to our families.”

Hudak insisted his economic promises such as cutting middle-class income taxes, corporate tax rates, red tape for business and removing the 8 per cent provincial portion of the HST on home heating and electricity bills would help boost Ontario’s economy and lead to more job creation.

“We’re going to create more jobs,” he promised.

18 thoughts on “Lost green jobs small price for cheaper hydro, Hudak says

  1. Imagine McGuinty saying something like this
    “But most importantly there’s a terrible cost to our families.”
    I have never seen such a disgusting lying low life in my life.
    How can this man say words like this when he knows what
    he has done to so many families, placing Turbines so close
    to their very homes where they live, 1000’s more to come .
    Mcguinty you do deserve charges brought up against you
    in the court of Law , I certainly hope there are some
    Lawyers working on that right now. The people need to
    see under your skin as to what you are really doing .

  2. What’s wrong with this paragragh?
    Clue: taxpayer ‘subsidies’
    “We’re talking about jobs here,” said McGuinty, flanked by scores of workers from Eclipsall Energy Corporation, which has created 100 jobs thanks to the Green Energy Act subsidies. McGuinty is promising the act and the Samsung deal will create 50,000 jobs by the end of next year, including 20,000 already in the pipeline.

    What about the over 300,000 jobs? – gone from Ontario.
    No mention of that. Too bad.

    So the government – with taxpayer money – is going to create jobs.
    Let’s dream…………….
    It worked well in Russia – right?

  3. Did anyone else notice how the Star messed up the numbers? They mention the $7B Samsung invests in Ontario and the $110M subsidy, but they failed to mention the big kahuna – the $20B Samsung will make selling inflated electricity to all of us ratepayers. One wonders if the Star reporter was (a) ignorant, or (b) mendacious.

    • ‘Critical thinking – not allowed.
      And, as I understand – ‘investigative reporting’ no longer –
      is a job description.

      Liberal – press releases – report on current events.

      Well – that’s my grim evaluation.

    • Below is the text of a letter to Toronto Star editor, sent yesterday but not published; among other things, they may not have appreciated the criticism.

      There’s no such thing as a free (renewables) lunch.

      In writing about the Samsung deal, the Star does the public a disservice by referring only to the $ 110 million amount and describing it as the “taxpayer (subsidy) over 25 years”. This number is in fact only the economic adder for the deal, which represents less than 2% of the total cost to Ontario electricity customers. To paint an accurate picture of the financial impact on the province, the discussion should go well beyond the economic adder. Aegent Energy Advisors’ analysis of the deal indicates the likely total near–term additional cost is about $ 800 million PER YEAR. Included in this number is the estimated annual impact of the economic adder – about $ 15 million.

      The annual cost of the Samsung deal for a typical household will be about $ 65 per year. Considering all renewables planned over the next few years, the total annual impact per household will be about $ 200. With about 4.5 million households in the province, the total annual residential impact will be about $ 900 million, meaning households will have this amount less to spend on other things. Businesses will also be impacted and will have a minimum of $ 1.6 billion less per year to spend on new hires, more efficient equipment, etc.

  4. The recent 3 bankruptcies of solar panel manufacturers with attending job losses, and the falling “Share prices of Suntech and Trina, two of China’s biggest producers, are down 44 per cent and 51 per cent, respectively, since the beginning of this year, reflecting negative industry sentiment. Although revenues for both companies grew in the first half of this year, analysts believe that overcapacity and slowing demand growth will squeeze all solar panel producers in coming months. Those same analysts have been predicting “consolidation”—i.e. bankruptcies and mergers – for some time”. http://blogs.ft.com/beyond-brics/2011/09/09/chinese-solar-panels-new-battleground-in-us-sino-trade-relations/#axzz1XeSioaRw
    And 8 Thin Film Solar Manufacturers facing financial difficulties or bankruptcies
    It is hard to believe the hype coming from Liberal Party’s supported NGO’s as well as the touted Samsung deal.
    Just what makes McGuinty think Canada’s competitive position in this manufacturing area will survive? At what point will Ontario fail to secure financial backing for these financial meltdowns in waiting? Who are the investors taking these losses? Tim Hudak needs to go out and quote some hard statistics. Where the h… are his research people?

    • My thoughts exactly Karen, well said!
      PCs need to get their back room people digging and bringing all these very important details to light.
      Most voters don`t have a clue what`s going on, and are hearing these things for the first time. They need to hear the whole story, while it`s fresh news to them, to catalogue it in their brain. They aren`t mind readers, as the saying goes.
      Hudac needs to elaborate more, when the opportunity is there. Take full advantage of each chance to enlighten the masses!
      And that`s my advice for today. I know it`s easier being a critic, than the one being criticized. Go Tim Go! You`re doing great! Vote Conservative everyone!

  5. Kill the Samsung deal and deal with the cost now. Never vote for a liberal again unless the PCs get arrogant like the Dalton gang

  6. That’s what I’ve been saying.
    Better to peel off the Bandaid fast than slow.
    Good riddance!!!

  7. “Tim Hudak needs to go out and quote some hard statistics. Where the h… are his research people?”

    It’s politics. Facts just get in the way of a good drama.

  8. Did I hear Drama!
    Grab a seat!

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    Vote Conservative!
    Election Day – Oct. 6th
    God Bless!

    p.s. hopefully they will not show this to school children

  9. The tack Hudak needs to take is that he is saving jobs by slowing down the job killing green energy industry. He needs to point out that we do not need the European experience of technical and economic failure brought on by the Green Energy Bubble.

    Tulip Bulbs and the South Sea Bubble come to mind every time I research Green Energy policy.

    Green Energy is a Ponzi Scheme!

    • Statistics Canada reports almost NO DECREASE of UNEMPLOYMENT in Ontario over the past 8 years.
      Since you have much better research skills than I, perhaps you can find the jobs [MORE THAN all of the US] which this Lib govt has “created?”

    • Hey Dave,
      This is the best!
      I love it!

      I’m sending this to everyone I know.
      Drill Baby Drill

      p.s. Have some fun today!

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