McGuinty met by impromptu wind protest in his own riding

Members of the North Gower Wind Action Group braved a severe thunderstorm and took advantage of a break in the storm to demonstrate outside of Dalton McGuinty’s nomination/coronation proceedings last evening.

The CBC’s Inside Politics reporter Kady O’Malley snapped this pic and branded the group “McGuinty’s first protesters” in his own riding.

11 thoughts on “McGuinty met by impromptu wind protest in his own riding

  1. The CBC’s Inside Politics reporter Kady O’Malley snapped this pic and branded the group “McGuinty’s first protesters” in his own riding.

    Na! Na! Na! Na! Hey! Hey! – Good Bye!
    Message to Liberals – Crazy Frog!

    “Good Bye” – Oct 6th – Election Day!

    Vote Conservative!
    God Bless Ontario!

  2. Down with McGuinty “Crapitalism”……McGuinty has destroyed ‘Capitalism’ with his Crony Capitalism under the FAKE Green Energy Act…

  3. Thank you! Unfortunately, we missed his arrival..and apparently he was quite late giving his remarks, but plenty of his supporters saw us, and some media. Among the supporters were the Firefighters of Ontario’s union and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). Interesting to note that this was just his riding association, but they had to bus in supporters apparently.

  4. How about:

    “Economic Studies before Wind Turbines”

    “Productivity Analysis before Wind Turbines”

    “Value Analysis before Solar Power”

    If the clownish Liberals had been more intent on the supposed economic benefits rather than lining their own pockets (Crawley) — then there would be no need for health studies. That would be a lot cheaper all around.

    Wind turbines are not productive, they don’t deliver. They are a drain on everyone’s wallets — regardless of any health issues.

    Green Energy is a Black Hole!

  5. Four (of many) questions to Dalton McGuinty:

    1. Why are you using money that Canadian taxpayers worked hard for to subsidize foreign
    companies that will disappear after they finished raiding this country?

    2. Why not use this money to subsidize genuine Canadian companies?

    3. Why not use this money to build an efficient, user friendly, reliable public transit system, which
    would help in greatly reducing our carbon foot print?

    4. Why not use this money to assist individual homeowners to install small solar or wind generation
    at their homes?

    • Because they are all just subsidies and another black hole. Green Energy is a black hole. Subsidizing the home owner and taxpayer will solve nothing. Those technologies will still be useless except on a very small scale and only to live at a subsistence level.

      The motto for those subsidies could be:

      “The very latest in medieval technology — Today!” — or —

      “Pour your Green Money down a Black Hole!”

  6. Why does an industry like the energy sector, require such long term taxpayer support, when you leave other industries, like agriculture slog it out on the global market were cheap field labour, energy prices and lax environmental regulations exist (eg. China).

  7. Please note that the proposed wind turbine development is not in McGuinty’s riding, but an adjacent rural PC riding.
    That is the 64 000 question that no reporter will pose to McGuinty: Would you accept turbine development in Ottawa South, given there are spaces 550m from houses?
    Secondly, Would you accept turbines on the Ottawa Greenbelt adjacent to the existing hydro corridor, where there are up to 2 km distances from houses?
    I think I could anticipate the evasions, but it would be nice to at least hear them.

    • Other Qs
      Would you build 18 IWTs within a 3 km radius of your mum’s house?

      When are you going to ask Mike Crawley give me the money I spent building my house “to age in place in place” and now can’t sleep there?

  8. Great job guys – keep up the good work – one day he might just realize how angry he’s made people.

  9. I asked his cabinet minister and now mayor of Ottawa the 2nd question a year or so ago. Said he would get back to me.
    Still waiting for his answer

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