Turbine issue takes center stage in Peterborough candidate’s debate

Artist Andrew Hoag

By Chantal Durand, My Kawartha
(PETERBOROUGH) Andrew Hoag left Tuesday night’s all-candidates debate worried for his family’s health, for the value of his property, for the eyesore that could be a wind turbine planted beside his home.  And dissatisfied with how these concerns were addressed by those vying to representative him at Queen’s Park.  
Wind turbines were a recurring topic among the four main issues up for debate at Peterborough’s Lions Community Centre, where the first all-candidates meeting in the provincial election campaign was hosted by the local realtor and homebuilder associations.

“We’re not trying to stop anybody from having alternative energy in Ontario. We’re asking that it is implemented safely,” said Mr. Hoag, community member and wildlife artist.  He noted a lot of people will be affected if the plan is approved and says he is certain there will be adverse health affects.

“Our own Ministry of Environment (MOE) has stated that if they put the turbines in at 550 metres, there will be adverse health affects.

“The liberal Australian government just did their own independent health studies and their outcome was the turbine should not be any more than two kilometres from a house and five kilometres from a rural town. We’re only getting 550 metres,” he said.

“When the microphones were open for a question period, Mr. Hoag relayed this information to Liberal incumbent Jeff Leal, asking his position.
He said he was disappointed when the Liberal candidate’s only comment was that the MOE looked it over.

“He simply did not answer the question.”

This was a common frustration at the Burnham Street meeting, resulting in angry objections and snide remarks from several attendees before the moderator firmly interjected that the October 6 election candidates may respond however they choose.

Other topics the candidates were asked to discuss included the land transfer tax rebate, renewal of the ecoENERGY Retrofit Homes program for improving energy performance of homes and the underground economy and illegal renovations.
Much of the two-hour meeting was allocated for fielding questions about issues such as the wind turbines, taxes, uploading costs from municipalities, pensions, jobs, unemployment rate, Wi-Fi in schools, commuter rail service and the Highway 407 toll road.

Mr. Leal noted there are some issues on which you cannot spend enough money.
The DBIA’s debate is next Tuesday  (Sept. 20), at Showplace Peterborough, from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

7 thoughts on “Turbine issue takes center stage in Peterborough candidate’s debate

  1. I was present last night, and Chantal was correct in reporting that Liberal MPP Jeff Leal did not fully answer many of the questions put to himself and the other candidates.

    No shock…I am still waiting for a reply from Mr. Leal – my elected MPP – to a request from October 21, 2009.

    I’m not holding my breath!

    BTW: is it “Happy Ontario Day” (October 7) yet?

    I know I am not alone in predicting that Mr. Leal will be among the hundreds in our riding looking for work. Our unemployment rate is currently sitting at over 11%!

  2. Good for Andrew Hoag!
    Although I`ve not personally met Mr. Hoag, we are very fortunate to have several of his absolutely amazing, fine art works, hanging on our homes walls. He is an excellent wildlife artist!
    Unlike Lib. MPP Jeff Leal, Mr. Hoag is tops in his field.
    He has obviously done his homework re:IWTs, and has good reason to be very concerned, about the negative effect, they will have on our rural community(s).
    I`m amazed how Leal and his scumbag Liberal comrades, can so easily dismiss a whole segment of society, whose health and economic wellbeing, have been sacrificed, so McGuinty can look ‘green’, even though he`s about 10 years late to the table.
    It`s over stupid! IWTs are history! They didn`t work, anywhere in the world.
    Thank You Andrew, for speaking up, in defence of rural residents everywhere, and for all of Ontario actually, as McGuintys` dictatorial ‘green energy act’, will be the final nail, in our economic coffin.
    Thanks again, Doug Moran.

    • This news just in!
      Most Peterborough high school students are failing in math!!!!
      So much for the “education premier” eh?!?!
      Not sure of the specifics, what grades in particular etc., I just caught it while walking past the TV a few minutes ago. It was on CHEX news.
      Too bad it wasn`t available before the Peterborough debate last night.
      It would have been an excellent question for Leal! To watch him squirm!
      It was probably intentionally withheld, as we always find out after the election, that many things were?
      Especially with Liberals, probably because gov. employees in charge of these things, are Liberal supporters. But that`s just my guess, who knows?

      • The system is designed – to waste your time.
        It’s pathetic.

        Our children are brilliant.
        They deserve better.

        I have never met a dumb kid – it’s the system.
        If they do not get their basic solid foundations by grade 5 –
        forget high school Math and English.

        Hint: Take business math – it’s easy!

  3. Although I am certainly disappointed in the Liberal party and how they have ignored rural Ontarians, I have to say I am more disappointed in how Mr. Suzuki and John Bennett ( of the Sierra club ) have been conducting their own behavior over Alternative energy.

    When there is now concrete facts that turbines do make people sick and when wind industries try to stick turbines in the middle of sensitive environmental areas and these individuals or organizations either support these actions or say nothing, one can only wonder what their motives are.

    Very disappointing.

    I have donated my work to many environmental groups, but I will be more careful from now on what these organizations truly support.

    I expect politicians to act this way, but not environmental organizations.

    Andrew Hoag

    • Andrew:
      Motive is money. Support government policy,
      don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • It’s all about the $$$$. I am shocked at how many millions of dollars are coming in to these organizations from foreign contributors such as Tides. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tides_Center

      The way they got their power is by playing the “goodness” card. No one dares to question it. There is much more here than meets the eye.

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