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We are not to blame. All I read is how we, the ordinary people, always get the blame for the Earth’s problems like global warming. We are not to blame. The blame is totally the fault of weak governments, pushy industry and their total greed for money.

Industrial wind turbines are now their latest easy big money grab and no matter how many they build, it’ll not help our planet but it will help to bulge their pockets with maybe the last of our money.

My information was obtained from wind industry websites, major newspapers, universities, independent study groups and the World Health Organization. In the almost 20 years of industrial wind turbines being around they have had no measurable effect to date worth talking about in controlling global warming as promised. Unreliable, no wind no power, and because they produce less than 30 per cent of rated output a year, for us in Canada, information based on wind chart archives, building more of them all over the place won’t help.

Each one has a carbon footprint of nearly 20 years. Add to that the pollution from all the new fossil burning backup generators now being built that have to run 365 days a year because industrial wind turbines require them, plus the extra pollution and waste of fuel caused by now having to speed up and slow down the output of our existing power facilities because of the unreliability of wind, they certainly are not clean or green by any stretch of the imagination.

They do cause many types of serious health problems both for humans and animals. Still it is being ignored, foolishly laughed off or made fun of by the wind industry, governments and others. They kill many times more wildlife than the wind industry numbers admitted to. They do reduce the market value of properties, sometimes to zero.

Dalton McGuinty stopped industrial wind turbines from being built around the Toronto’s money rich. However it’s OK for everyone else to have them, according to him. They have very little to no benefit other than being a money-maker for a select few and a total burden on most others.

We don’t need industrial wind turbines. There are better so-called green alternatives, that won’t inflict this kind of harm and disasters on things that are trying to live in Ontario.

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin

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  1. Well Said ! I could not agree more …….let’s view this as it is ….a world wide cash grab by the elite …….

  2. Bang on Charley. IWTs are a waste of time and effort with environmental and financial costs far greater than most realize.

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