Dufferin residents question turbine plan

by Bill Tremblay, Orangeville.com
Mingyu Tang, senior vice-president of Dufferin Wind Power Inc., said he would “have no problem” living in one of the homes encompassed by his company’s proposed wind farm in Melancthon. Although Tang was reluctant to answer if he would live in the area, he eventually said he has faith in the 550-metre setback created by the provincial government. “It’s part of the law,” Tang said. “I trust the research.”   However, residents of the area did not display the same level of civil obedience during the Public Information Centre (PIC) held at the Horning’s Mills Community Hall on Monday (Sept. 12). Read article

4 thoughts on “Dufferin residents question turbine plan

  1. Mingyu Tang would have no problem living in one
    of the homes encompassed by his company’s
    wind farm.

    Mingyu – you are either stupid or you are a liar.

  2. 550 m setback. He trusts the “research”. THERE IS NO RESEARCH. This was an arbitrary number chosen because it was halfway between most rural concessions.

    The 550 m setback has NOTHING to do with human health or noise. For this, the McGuinty government is guilty of putting families a risk.

  3. Welcome to Cuckoo – Land!
    Note to citizens!

    The end of the democratic process – starts here (without the citizens):
    A PIC is required under the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process. During the meeting, residents are asked to fill out a comment sheet to assist the proponent ease community concerns.
    “The project has changed dramatically because of previous comments,” Rebecca Crump, the REA project manager said. “At this stage comments are still feeding into the system.”

    Vote Conservative!
    Election Day – Oct. 6th
    God Bless!

  4. If Mingyu is so keen on living near the turbines, why not just put them in his backyard?

    Simple solution.

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