Life before and after the turbines

Question: Why would anyone give up a king-sized memory foam bed in a cozy bedroom on the second floor — for a sleeping bag and air mattress on a concrete floor in an unfinished (messy) basement??
Answer: Because the noise from the RES/Enbridge Talbot Wind project has forced them to.



3 thoughts on “Life before and after the turbines

  1. McGuinty should be held accountable for this. After the first turbines started to spin and the reports from peoples suffering came in there should have been an immediate move to correct the GEA.

    The most important asset we have in Ontario is the people, if they can’t function because of something our government is pushing then they need to answer for it.

    This election is taking far too long, come on October 6 let’s kill this monster and make things right!

  2. The local council member has tried to do something about these problems. There is nothing he can do. The vast majority of the council and the mayor doesn’t care, ignores the problem.

    I don’t think the local MPP Mr. Pat Hoy (Liberal) has ever even responded to complaints. If you send a complaint in the office assistant sends a message back ‘received’.

    It is sad situation, this is now what it is like to live in Ontario.

    If some of you remember that I am from the same area that isn’t my house in the pictures.

    If anyone from C-K reads this you should know there are 100s more windmills planned. They will end up covering most of the county.

  3. Yes, there are people sleeping in their basements in amaranth melancthon also. I suppose there are in every turbine project…..
    But McGuinty says there isn’t a problem so there isn’t a problem.
    I’m glad my parents aren’t alive to see this, bless ’em both. They sacrificed in the name of democracy. They were born and lived in Toronto. One a WW2 vet and the missus building airplane wings. I miss them every day, but I’m glad they aren’t here to witness this.

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