Sierra Club: In the big picture, people’s lives/health are “insignificant”

by Ken Gascho
Mr Bennett did his dog and pony show at a council meeting here in Mapleton. After 10 min., he took questions from our council members. I wish I had video of this. One asked him about Sierra’s funding, one challenged him on setbacks for wind turbines and one council member asked him if he knew where he was in the province.  It was priceless. Big city man here in the heart of agricultural country telling us how great wind turbines are. I think he picked up on the chilly reception and left the meeting.

A few of us fighting a wind factory here in Mapleton followed him out into the parking lot, where a debate ensued. When asked about the fact that families are moving out of their homes because of ill health effects from turbines he replied, and I quote:  “In the big picture it is insignificant.”   The fact that having people fleeing from their homes is insignificant tells you everything you need to know how out-to-lunch this greed movement is.   Thank You Mapleton Council.

12 thoughts on “Sierra Club: In the big picture, people’s lives/health are “insignificant”

  1. Sounds like the same the mayor of smithville Doug Joyner gave me the other night when he told me “I would move my family 500 meters close to a turbine”. Along with you should find out more information on turbines….they are actually pretty good. This was about 20 minutes into our conversation after the NRWC (Niagara Region Wind Corp) executive pat the mayor on the shoulder saying thanks for your support.

    • People and wildlife are only collateral damage in this whole “green” alternative energy scheme. Good work to force this out into the public realm. Sierra Club – Canada developed from Greenpeace.

  2. I have said many times that the only argument to support wind turbines is the argument that they prevent “Global Warming”. If that argument is correct I would happily use the Sierra Club argument and “throw people under the bus”.

    Wind Turbines are an economic failure because of their poor productivity and erratic production. You cannot argue for them on the basis of economics, productivity or health. That leaves only the argument that they will lower our CO2 emissions and save us from a future where we fry.

    Thankfully, lately, the models that purport to show runaway “Climate Disruption” and “Global Warming” have been shown to be even more suspect. Those theories are not only not falsifiable, more scientists are now willing to speak out about the truth. Those theories are bunk, and their pedlars — like Jon Bennet are not even worthy of contempt.

    • I’m a warmer myself, and I don’t believe IWT’s accomplish anything, especially expensive ones, but …
      The most logical opposition against anthropogenic anything should come form misanthropes.

  3. We had a similar experience with Ecology Ottawa (which is joined at the hip to Climate Action Network Canada). The question was asked, Is it fair to destroy our village to put up industrial wind turbines for your climate change agenda? (or some such) and their answer was, yes.

  4. The Global Climate HAS BEEN changing for ~ 4 and a half billion years.

    Presently, the “average global temperature” MAY BE in a rising trend.

    However, MANY research scientists DO NOT BELIEVE that humans can CHANGE global temperatures.

    AND, humans should do everything they CAN DO to protect themselves from nature’s vicissitudes.

    BUT, we should DO NO HARM
    apply the Precautionary Principle WHEN IN DOUBT
    DO the necessary DUE DILIGENCE
    DEMAND rigorous, scientific data, NOT window dressing
    THINK outside the box

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