Wind farm health risks claimed in $1.5M suit

“The chief medical officer of health missed about half the equation here”
By Dave Seglins and John Nicol, CBC News
A family from southwestern Ontario has launched a $1.5 million lawsuit accusing power company Suncor Energy of inflicting a long list of serious health issues on them by erecting a wind farm next to their home. “It was just like the whole room was spinning,” says Lisa Michaud of Thamesville, Ont. as she recalled the weeks after the Kent Breeze wind farm began operating in May. “The noise at night keeps you awake. But it’s not just the noise that you hear. Read article

1 thought on “Wind farm health risks claimed in $1.5M suit

  1. This is what we need all over Ontario , several lawsuits and headlines now .
    Bring out the truth to the people .
    This will stop McGuinty and his Green Energy Act from harming so many families .

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