Wind Turbine development discussed at PEC candidate debate

7 thoughts on “Wind Turbine development discussed at PEC candidate debate

  1. Get your facts straight Leona. You say current wind output in Ontario is 7 percent of total production. Maybe when there are hurricane force wind a couple days a year. What about the other 363 some odd days. You try to confuse!

  2. I hope Leona is cleaning out her office because she won’t be needing it after October 6.

  3. The CBC ran a IWT segment exposing MyGuinty’s lies about noise and health issues!!!!!!!!!!
    They taked about the information from the MOE…..
    That sly snake is being exposed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For what he is.

  4. If you listen at about 3:27 Leona actually says the following:
    “The amount of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere kill people and add a Billion dollars to health care”.
    Good God this woman is nuts! Stop breathing everyone, your CO2 is killing millions of people!

    • Wow! You’re right — some direct the lady to this site:

      Fertilizer, required for life, plant food, essential ,less than .04% of the atmosphere.

      Did I get anything wrong?

      MA should put up her fruitcake pic. The lady deserves it! So does the lady with the mask!

      Someone — get them a science course! Quick!

      • How the heck she got that many people to vote for her last election is a bit scary. I’m a little disappointed no one called her on her co2 remark at the meeting. If all you have to do is mumble something about pesticides and co2 to get environmental street cred with your constituents we’re in for a long fight.

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