Vote in the CBC Poll: Should there be stricter limits on wind turbines in rural areas?

Would you live near a wind farm? Why or why not?

Should there be stricter limits on wind turbines in rural areas? Share your comments here.

2 thoughts on “Vote in the CBC Poll: Should there be stricter limits on wind turbines in rural areas?

  1. YES there should be stricter rules!
    See below the letter I emailed to our local MP David Tilson – to which – I must add- I have not yet received a reply!
    Dear Sir

    I am writing to you to express my concern regarding the recent open houses held by DWPInc. in which plans were on display depicting where the ’49’ turbines will be placed in Melancthon.

    We live on one acre in a little bungalow, just north of Redickville, and will be surrounded by these turbines, which will stand up to 136.5 metres high.
    We understand, and, from the words of the mouth of the Senior Vice President of DWPInc., they are following all guide lines as laid out by the MOE.
    He also told us he knows that “It’s not fair”

    Mr Tilson – it certainly IS NOT FAIR!

    From every window of our house we will see turbines.
    Our sunrises and sunsets will be blighted by flickers from these turbines.
    The noise from these turbines will carry on the wind and so seem louder than normal.
    The strobe lights will be constantly flashing.
    And that is just the start of the long list of problems which we face.
    Our lives will be devastated by this invasion.

    Another point to note – the local farmers who signed up originally for the 401 Energy group, are behind the project – apparently they floundered and needed serious funding to carry on – which is where Dufferin Wind Power Inc. stepped in, and provided said funding.
    We were approached earlier this year by a representative of the (then) 401 Energy Group – but if we had signed into it, and paid the requested fees, we would have been agreeing to decrease the setbacks to a mere 125 metres, instead of the 550 metres.

    On the plan of where the turbines are to be placed, you will see that they are placed away from the farmers residences, and so directly in our sights, in front, at the sides and to the rear of us.
    We had NO SAY WHATSOEVER in the placement of these turbines – we were just told this is how it is going to be!

    I have noticed in your recent newsletter which arrived in our mailbox yesterday, that part of your Budget 2011 includes – quote:
    “Investing in Clean Energy Technology and Innovation”
    Can you expand on this please?
    Can you explain how and where you will do this?

    I eagerly await your reply and comments on this truly significant subject.

    Thank you for your time!

  2. These are a number of reasons we have problems with Industrial Wind Turbines:

    1 -Flicker effect; shadow flicker and reflection flicker.
    2 -Flashing of red lights at night.
    3 -Concern about stray voltage.
    4- Noise and vibration.
    5 -Devaluation of property.
    6- Complaints are ignored by officials.
    7- Cost of electricity going up.
    8 -Taxes going up to pay subsidies to developers.
    9 -View of landscape altered.
    10 -Locating of turbines to close to residents.
    11- Wildlife concerns.
    12 – Windmills produce no useful power. When there is no wind we still have 120v on our lights, which indicates that we have enough power without them.
    13- There are practically no co2 savings to be had with turbines. In order to have a steady 120v in the house the gas generators have to run full tilt all the time so that it is ready to pump electricity into the line when the wind changes.
    14- Wind only produces power approximately 25% of the time
    15- The “Green Energy Act”, has taken away community and individual rights.
    16 – On the hottest days or the coldest days when there is no wind, industrial wind turbines use electricity from the grid thereby stressing an already stressed system.

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