I’ll wager 7 million, Alex

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  1. I think you have strayed from the original premise of this site, or perhaps I didn’t understand it at the time. You seem to be anti-environmental. I am not against solar power, or wind, for that matter, if it is done in an intelligent way. It cannot be in our precious lakes, unique as they are in all the world. They should not be close to dwellings, or present an eyesore to the natural beauty of the landscape everywhere we look. However, there may be a place for them as long as the above criteria are respected. How about along the 401 corridor? David Suzuki may not be correct in everything he says, but some recent posts are beginning to make these newsletters look like the wing nut Republicans south of the border. How about substituting the quantity of these posts for quality? It seems like you have become fixated on anything environmental as bad. At least Sarah Palin would be proud!

    • Frank, I agree with you to a certain extent. However, many are frustrated with the way various “charities”, etc. seem to be able to funnel money or have their spokesperson endorse someone who is running for office. David Suzuki seems to pride himself on being an upright, honest citizen; has even built his image around that. He seems like a smart man who should know what the parameters are in regards to endorsements, donations, etc. when it comes to elections and such.

    • The destruction to the environmment, animals and human health are well known and documented. David Suzuki is a god in many eyes and his continued promotion of and support of McGuinty’s wind turbine agenda goes completely against what he has stood for. He is not only allowing, he is supporting and encouraging harm in ways that are irreparable. Only when you are forced from you home does the reality hit you like a sledghammer. No one will help, people have to listen over and over again to McGuinty’s promotional ads and the truth remains suppressed. A socially concious sentient being would never condone this. David Suzuki brought this on himself by aligning himself with Dalton and crew and the serious repercussions that wind energy is having on all of us warrants this exposure.

    • There are many Ontarians who know deceit and attempts to deceive when they see it or find it. Please do your homework about the issues surrounding “green” renewable energy.

    • Frank:

      The issue with David Suzuki is a simple one. He is a fruit fly geneticist telling us how to build a power system.

      But, I do admit that your appeal to authority touches a nerve — and makes me giggle. It must be my funny bone.

      When David Suzuki writes about power systems and generation methodology and transmission systems and people give him credence it touches a raw nerve with some of us. I wonder how he would feel if we commented on his bio-papers and claimed equal expertise to him. Why not eh?

      The people that write on this blog are a pretty wide ranging group — with a lot of expertise — many of them have published articles to their credit. We have farmers, power engineers, accountants, politicians, systems engineers, software designers, managers, production engineering types and house wives and retired folk and laborers. They all have something in common — the ability to think.

      You would have us believe that Dr. David Suzuki, fruit fly geneticist, is more credible than the people in this group. Perhaps he is. If you have access to some of his published articles dealing with power systems, power transmission and the design of electrical generation systems we would all like to see them. In the meantime, some of us think that any claim to expertise on the part of Suzuki with regard to power generation is pretty funny. I tend to concur with funny — and peculiar too.

      Some of us even think that Suzuki is a Drama Queen.

      Enough said.

    • Hi Frank – (concertina Frank? If it is, go easy on him guys – I like him)

      Like Goderich, and Windsor area, and mine up near Strathroy, we are being pummeled with these machines.

      Yes we all thought they were ‘green’, but that word has lost ALL it’s meaning in the last couple years, even to people my age (30). Strangely, most of the people who are fighting these machines are extremely environmentally conscious – many of us voted Green and Liberal in the last election. The wind developers by contrast, and the MOE guys that patrol our area, are those cocky young guys who never, ever gave a toot about the environment- it a phony urban facade. This is about money. And when the Sierra Club director try’s to sneak into my local council office to tell them that they should be welcoming wind turbines by the hundreds into our township – that they shouldn’t be concerned about health effects – that’s when I call it a hoax. Sierra Club, MOE, David Suzuki foundation – these used to be places you wanted to help, places you wanted to work for. After watching the twisted way this ‘green industrial machine’ works, and watching it affect our small communities, yes, we have lost all respect for these organizations. GONE. I don’t like to be taken for, and I feel that these organizations have done that. They are OK with the destruction of bobolink, whippoorwill, blandings turtle…if it is destroyed by a wind turbine. Even when a bald eagle is killed by a wind turbine, nobody is charged, or even investigated….but if that was any other type of industrial machine, it would be blasted over the papers, and the company would have to pay dearly. Same goes for rural residents. If a dog is killed by stray voltage in the city, it is HUGE and corrected immediately. If farms are wiped out by stray voltage and families forced from their homes from dirty electricity from a wind development (Ripley), the only solution available is to take a measly buyout from a wind company and move – pretty horrible, eh? These buyouts are cheap and dehumanizing. The people leave with degraded health & a business wiped out.

      When people like David Suzuki or John Bennett say this is all BS, this ticks me off. These guys would be calling bloody murder if this was any other type of machine causing this much harm. They say those affected are ‘insignificant’. Right. Those 300 children in my kids school that will be surrounded by wind turbines are ‘insignificant? Where’s the humanity in that? Why are these organizations being paid money by US to tell US to ‘sacrifice’ ourselves for these foreign corporations profit and to make our government look good? That’s why I object. And why I have to vote Conservative for the first time.

    • Perhaps if you were a little more involved with the organization, you would understand our frustration with David Suzuki. It goes back years.

      So if we shine some light on his chartity/political/financial dealings suddenly we are “anti-environmental”? Sorry, that’s just ridiculous thinking.

  2. I think Franks not against wind and solar simply because he has been mislead over and over again by the green propanda that these sources of generation have some kind of equivalency with the the present forms of generation. I think John Droz Jr @ http://www.windpowerfacts.org sums it up the best. It stems from the “constant refrain we hear from some people (mostly pseudo-environmentalists) is that they believe that industrial wind power “should be part of our energy mix.”

    Of course, when I ask them exactly WHY it should be, they don’t have any real answers. They just have some instinctive feeling that variety is good, or that doing something is better than doing nothing. Not necessarily!

    Here’s an analogy. Let’s say that a college student comes into the doctor’s office complaining of miscellaneous health problems. The doctor asks about his diet. The student says it’s primarily McDonald’s hamburgers, Kentucky Fried Chicken dinners, and Dominos’ pizzas. The doctor says that the student needs more variety in his diet.

    The student goes back to campus, and adds Twinkies to his fast-food dinners, saying it’s what the doctor ordered. That’s about how much sense adding industrial wind power to our grid system makes.
    Indeed our energy source diet could be better! But making an improvement means: 1) really replacing some of the bad stuff, and 2) substituting something that is genuinely better.

    Adding a source that has trivial value, and numerous liabilities, is not any type of legitimate solution. We’d categorize such proposals as Twinkie thinking.

  3. For example:

    I thought Suzuki supported gas generation…

    Just ahead of the provincial election, Ontario Liberal leaders have announced they will halt construction of a controversial gas-fired power plant being built on the Toronto-Mississauga border if they are re-elected.

    In case you need help…

    cyn·i·cal   /ˈsɪnɪkəl/ Show Spelled[sin-i-kuhl]
    1.like or characteristic of a cynic; distrusting or disparaging the motives of others.
    2.showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others.
    3.bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.
    4.( initial capital letter ) cynic ( def. 5 ) .

    Two is him — one and three is us.

  4. Steve Aplin has a great post over on his site regarding the unions and NGOs banging the green energy drum:
    “The CAW’s soapbox partner at the “green jobs” press conference, CAPE, is a collection of quacks whose main activity appears to be to oppose nuclear-generated electricity in Ontario. CAPE’s modus operandi is trot out bogus statistics in an effort to frighten people into accepting an enormous increase in gas-fired power generation in Ontario.”

    • The unions have been drinking the “green” kool-aid for quite some time and now many of their jobs are gone.They bought the CAFE standards hook-line-and-sinker along with the “green” fairy tales.

      • Perhaps it’s much more accurate to say that the union leadership and not the members who fell for all of the “green” energy crap. Used to be a union rep. at one time.

  5. I don’t follow union politics closely, but I am amazed that the CAW would seem to be in opposition to nuclear power. Nuclear power has created thousands of jobs in Bruce Co. over 3 generations, allowing many people to remain at home and still enjoy lucrative unionized jobs, iron workers, boiler makers, carpenters and so on. Bruce Nuclear has been the driving force behind the economy for many years. Any CAW worker could walk out of their retreat at Port Elgin, and run into a local who would have a family member working at Bruce Power.
    In comparison wind power developments have been around the area for 20 years or so; they have created no full time jobs, just a few night watchman positions. If the creation of full time jobs is the goal, wind development can never hold a candle to nuclear power.

    • I’ve been a card-carrying member of the CAW for 23 years. I agree with you completely. A couple of robots with high exposure positions do not speak for the membership nor do they have as much power as some think.

      They forgot what a labour organization is all about. Some are even secretly against car manufacturing (not green enough). 🙂

    • Pelosi had to replace Big John D. on an impotant Congressional Committee with Waxman so that the latest rounds of CAFE standards would go through.

  6. We, who consider ourselves, environmentally conscious, need to replace the word, “green”, since it no longer means anything. Now, when I hear the word green I become very wary.

  7. I took off my “rose coloured glasses” when considering David Suzuki after a STAO (science teacher association of Ontario) Conference, 15+ years ago, in which he was the guest speaker. I went up, asked his a question about genetics, and asked for his autograph on the program, by his picture. He said he only signs his published materials and his books…….. a small gesture ………but….no…….$$$$$ in his pocket first was the message.
    Seems he is still all about the $$$$ and not the environment when it comes to industrial wind turbines.
    The picture is “right on”.

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